Sunday, March 30, 2014

Square Toed Shoes

these are worse
than these
but these are the worst

just wear round brogues and make me happy. 
I like this guy's opinion "Wear Round Toed Shoes"
and this guy's list "11 Out-of-Style Trends You Should Phase Out of Your Wardrobe"

all of this reminds me that I need to get back to my shoe book...which will certainly be very biased and contain no square toed shoes...or I'll have a blerb in the back for other, inferior toe varieties. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sherlock: His Last Vow

:::Yes, I did burn what I was crockpotting bc I couldn't spare the time to turn it down during the episode.
:::That buxom Scottish vixen. I felt bad at first, then terrible, then not so bad anymore
:::I TOLD YOU Mary was a bad guy, or rather I hoped she wouldn't be...and she technically wasn't?
:::If I ever get shot I don't think my mind palace will save me, but perhaps my love for Martin Freeman will.
:::People are arguing that CBS's Elementary is more human and likable and has more room to grow, but if getting more glimpses into Sherlock's crazy childhood mind palace sociopathy and then having him kill a man to make John's life better isn't human I don't know what is. And then accepting an assignment whose goal is to kill him isn't loyalty and love, I don't know what is.
:::I have a TV with bad sound and picture so I understood almost nothing that was whispered, nor could read anything Magnussen remembered so I'll definitely have to rewatch this.
:::So...Sherlock's no longer "The Virgin"? I mean...
:::Will The Woman come back? Her episode might still be my favorite...for entertainment value. This one ranks second for emotional damage after Fall.
:::I felt bad for Martin, I mean so bad. I was absolutely heartbroken, but then somehow everything turned and I don't feel bad any more? Well done boys.
:::Martin Freeman is perfection. I know Cumberbatch does well too, but I mean, come on.
:::A real Cumberbatch Christmas!
:::I thought the Rolodexes were fishy...
:::Will we ever know what "Red Beard" is?

I have no idea how this show can sustain itself bc the stakes don't seem to be able to get any higher, but I have faith in Mark and Steven.

Friday, January 31, 2014


I've been patterning pants among other things this semester and learned about "dress".

Dress is adding 1/2" up and out at the bottom of the front left pant curve (crotch). I've spent my fair share of time in men's dressing rooms, changing them in the dark, and discussing and washing their underwear, but after a long week "dress" just really got me. I couldn't stop giggling when my tailor quantified amount of dress. The ladies in the BYU shop should just shake their heads at how far I've fallen.

FYI: Dress is specifically on the left because the way flies are constructed more often than not makes the left side preferred, but a bespoke pair of trousers can easily accommodate right dress.

Yes, this is highly euphemistic and yes, this is the old-timey technical term. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sherlock: The Sign of Three

:::Best middle episode yet. I don't feel like the premiere counted as a real episode, it was so out of the norm.
:::I laughed, I cried, this is Sherlock.
:::I like Mary more and more every time I see her. She is perfect for these guys.
:::How will the series change now that they're married?
:::How will the series change now that she's pregnant?!
:::Benedict Cumberbatch.
:::Martin Freeman.
:::Whatever can the finale be about?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New (to me) Musicals: The Last Five Years, Drowsy Chaperon, & The Light in the Piazza

I love musicals, but have realized recently that I know next to nothing about the more "modern" pieces, basically anything after 1965 (and the likes of Phantom and Les Mis). This summer I really dug into Sondheim and still have a few of his to listen to/read (next is Assassins!), but now I'm working on all the others people talk about of which I know very little. To this end I started a Spotify playlist and took suggestions and am working my way through cast recordings.

I can't tell you who wrote what, or what themes or motifs are shared between composers and lyricists, but I bet you can't tell me how the House of Worth changed from Charles Frederick to Jean-Phillipe, or why 1879-1882 is so unique, so here is a (not entirely) lay person's responses to my first three "new" musicals.

Last Five Years
::: hopeful and heartbreaking
::: lovely instrumentation, accessible and light
::: I can actually sing these songs and not feel like a total hack for trying.
::: sharp, clever lyrics
::: poignant and sincere messages

The Drowsy Chaperon
::: I went on a few dates with the real Janet Van De Graaff's cousin
::: that first one has nothing to do with the musical
::: neither does the second
::: seems like Millie had a baby with R&H's Cinderella
::: what a romp
::: showy and exactly what a musical should be, by its own admission
::: seems like fun to costume :)
::: I imagined my friend Carter playing the narrator

The Light in the Piazza
::: I actually saw this on PBS years back
::: just me, or was it just a lot of screaming ballads?
::: I liked little bits here and there, but the whole thing kind of bled together
::: I did stop and think that "Let's Walk" is not bad

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sherlock: The Empty Hearse

:::I totally called that they used the kidnapper double in some way!
:::Oh John...mustache.
:::Mary is the lady cop in Case Histories!
:::I really like Mary, I hope she's not a bad guy.
:::Were those Benny's real parents? I think so...lemme check. Yep.
:::Was just flipping the switch off the bomb brilliant or stupid?
:::I think I need to watch these with other people...I have more violent reactions with other people around, but only if they're totally quite and only react to the same things I do.
:::Lastrad's looking good...and hugging Sherlock was the best.
:::Mrs. Hudson's lookin' good.
:::I thought Sherlock's being gone for two years seemed like a huge gap...then I realized I had a literal puddle of tears on my computer after the last episode of series 2 in 2012. That did take awhile!
:::I still want to know why his shirts are always so tight. I'm not complaining, but they're beyond a simple European cut.
:::Sherlock can kiss me on the cheek.
:::I need to watch this episode again, about three more time.
:::Martin Freeman is perfect, perfect.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Animated films I'd totally be down designing real costumes for

Anastasia, duh.
Rumor has it this is being workshopped in Russia, but news has been silent recently. I'd love to get my hands on it and actually make it period appropriate. Can you imagine the ghost ball fantasy?! Or the Paris costumes?! 1917 and 1927, awkward but fantastic years! Russian national dress!!! I'd die and go to heaven. Also, Rasputin's song.

Of COURSE they're making this into a stage show. Computer animation is making leaps and bounds, but their textile rendering still leaves things to be desired. I will say Hans' satin lapels really struck a chord with me, as did Elsa's ice outfit (the most magical of quick changes!). The idea of Fantasy Norway is so intriguing and I'd love to make the women's clothes actually appropriately cut. I they even know how clothes are put together?! And all of the princely outfits and lovely rustic leathers on Kristoff and delightful winter folkwear on Anna.

Ok, that's only two...mostly because all the other Disney Princesses have been done and if I did them I'd totally mix them up! But for real, these two would be amazing! Maybe Brave as well...KILTS.