Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sherlocked: Scandal in Bulgravia

UG. just ug. really? REALLY?!!!! ug. and woof also. and just ug.


Remember when Mycroft yelled at Mrs. Hudson and they all yelled at him? I rewound immediately to watch it again.

Remember when I knew it was her measurements? 32x24x34, she's a very slight woman.

Remember when EVERYTHING?!!!

Remember how Stephen Moffat is my hero?

Remember how my heart broke for Sherlock like every 2 minutes, esp when she said she was gay even though I knew she was lying or bi?

Remember how it's been far far too long since I've heard 90 minutes of Benedict Cumberbatch's inappropriately terrific voice (and that's putting it politely). 

Seriously, THE BEST time for British television ever.

I am Sherlocked. I am Sherlocked!!!

I have to make I am Sherlocked t-shirts.


  1. I guessed it was her measurements too! I think we had an advantage -being people who work with body measurements and all.

    And I LOVED when they all yelled at Mycroft. I had to pause when Sherlock started going on about whatshername's gift because I had to collect myself for the awkwardness (and to mutter, "Sherlock, you're such a jerk) before he saw that it was for him (of course it was for him). And then he apologized! And Watson's face after he did! Aw.

    Unfortunately I went on to Pinterest halfway through and saw the I am Sherlocked thing you pinned and...spoiler. I would have been so sad in that scene except for that 'cause I knew what was coming then. And I do enjoy a good empathy sadness for fictional characters so that's kind of sad in itself.

    I kind of think she was either making a pun on the word gay or joking that she was gay like a man is gay. Either way, she had a thing for Sherlock and there's not much meaning in her words really.

    I momentarily forgot that pants do not equal trousers in England. But when remembered there was much LOL'ing to be had.

  2. I would by that T-shirt... just FTI :)