Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Jo March would wear to her wedding.

Those around me recently know that I've had a mild Little Women obsession. I finished the book again and I just think it's the best, barring Persuasion. I've also been trying to create something every day (again...a resolution I have mixed results keeping). So, I decided a paper project would be to design Jo's wedding dress.

She would have gotten married anywhere from 1868-71 by some calculations. The silhouette might be a little slender, but she wouldn't have gone all out. I had a time deciding how fussy and feminine she'd be. The dress is definitely not white. She's too practical for that, and would want to wear it again. I want it to be a nice light blue (like the color of this blog maybe...), yellow, or light brown like this dress. I imagine Amy would have put away something for Jo and that's where the lace collar and cuffs come from, that can be removed for less formal occasions.

After I was satisfied with Jo I drew Professor Bhaer and had a heck of a time with his face, until I just looked up a picture of Gabriel Bryne from the film. He's wearing Colleen Atwood's design for him. And he has a beard. Professor Bhaer has a beard.

And Jo looks a little like me. I worked SO hard not to make her as tall as me (ok, I didn't try that hard)...I'm trying to draw real people...but all my faces, unless I really try, end up looking like me at least a little. And if I try really hard they look A LOT like me :)

Anyway, here you go.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sexy Sunday: 3 hr dress

Made this on Saturday during the shows. Copied the top of my evening gown pattern and drafted the skirt pattern, cut and sewn during the matinee. It's pretty cute, right? Also, knits are great, no closures!
Nine West shoes
Banana Republic belt
Hand-me-down necklace
Target earrings

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Salt Water Sandals

These sandals are great. They're leather, super comfy, $36, and provide just enough coverage for a person with personal foot aversion but a desire to delve into the world of sandals, like me. I'm not sure if they run small or if my foot's just so narrow it slides forward, but that's my only thing. I would wear these everyday and have them in all of the colors.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shows I want to costume

Thoroughly Modern Millie
So many great group numbers and I love to costume dancing! Excellent menswear, evening wear, office wear and character transformation. I've already designed Mrs. Meers et al, but I'll take another go!

This is my all-time favorite play that I've read but never seen produced. I think designing Thomasina's transformation and the fine line between present and past would be difficult but thrilling. I just want to work on this show!

Lost in Yonkers
This show's about finesse. I've been involved in a production of Yonkers recently that I was thrown into, but I'd love to really delve into it and really work the details like crazy. Opportunities for crazy realism.

Little Women
I've decided this is one of my favorite books, perhaps only surpassed by Persuasion. I love the musical and think it's charming. Costumes include tomboyness, casual, formal, and Professor Bhaer! There's also a wedding dress.

Twelfth Night
Since Peter Pan I've had a pretty healthy fascination with women as men. I also love this play and what I could put Olivia and the Duke in. Chances for comedy and elegance and cross dressing! Period is of course up to the director, but I think I could have a really great time with this.

My Fair Lady or Pygmalion
I love MFL, but you'd get the same transformation and formal wear opportunities in Pygmalion. I'd love to do both really. Musical and play costumes for the same script? Divine.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Opening Night Dress 2013: Let's compare

In costume design the idea of your rendering (or sketch for those who quibble with the definition of "rendering") is to illustrate exactly what you want the finished product to look like. It's the draper's job to create the pattern to do this. Don't draw what you don't want draped is the rule of thumb bc a good draper will give you exactly what you've drawn.

One of my problems as a designer is drawing figures that look like me (long and lean) making it more difficult for the draper to translate the design onto a figure that's not got as much vertical real estate. The great thing about being the designer, draper, and model is that you have complete control beginning to end. The great thing about my Opening Night Dress design was that the product changed very little. And so, once again, I give you my original rendering and the finished product. I'm over the moon at the results. The drape changed bc of the logistics of the weight and material. The sleeves shortened bc that would have been a butt ton more beading and it's a summer party. The belt changed bc of what was available. BUT, I mean, that's pretty dead on. High fives for everyone!

And again, I want to point out that this dress is 100% LDS modest and unique and flattering and all of the things most other modest dresses produced en masse aren't.

Opening Night Dress 2013: The End

I pretty much beaded on my patio every night for the past 2 weeks. I finished the beading at about 4 o'clock day of the party. I then beaded the belt and finished at 8:30, showered, primped and had a wonderful time! I've never felt prettier and had a glorious night of conversation with everyone at USF, and my friend Trent with whom I went. Night to remember for sure! I can't say I've ever been more satisfied with a project. It was admired by all. It's a good thing I thrive on attention!

I think I'll do a daytime photo shoot at some point so you can get a better idea of the train and everything.