Friday, January 25, 2013

Cities To Live In

I've been compiling a wishlist of things the city I choose for my career will have:

Good fish tacos: Because they are delicious
Theatre: so I can work and play
Opera: employment opportunity
Dance: employment opportunity
Fine arts museum with clothing collection: employment and research opportunity
Other museums: research and fun
Universities: employment opportunity
Public transport: for sanity's sake
Good shopping: fabric and clothing for work and play
Close to a Temple: so many these days!
East coast and/or international: the midwest is nice, and the west is nice, and the westcoast is ok for a visit, but I want to go EAST! lots of people, lots of history, lots of culture and people doing what I want to do.

Cities that fit this description (in order)?

tacos: it's NYC, they have to have good fish tacos
theatre: NYC is theatre, four LORT theatres
opera: The Met
dance: NYCB, ABT
clothing collection: The Met, Brooklyn Museum
museums: MOMA, Guggenheim, The Cloisters, Whitney Museum
universities: Columbia, NYU et al.
pub trans: The Subway, as good or better than the Tube? we'll have to see
shopping: NYC is shopping
temple: Manhattan Temple is across the street from Lincoln Center
location: East coast

tacos: are fish tacos a thing in London?
theatre: The National (government funded theatre), The Old Vic, The Young Vic, Shakespeare's Globe, The Westend. Need I go on?
opera: The Royal Opera
dance: The Royal Ballet
clothing collection: The Victoria and Albert, The London Museum
museums: Tate Britain, Tate Modern, John Soanes Museum, The Clink, The Globe, National Gallery, etc etc.
universities: lots
pub trans: The Tube, how I miss thee, and buses
shopping: SOHO, Harrods, High streets galore
temple: The London Temple's on Effington Road, I kid you not.
location: it's London. Not America, but who's counting?

tacos: no reports of tacos, but they must be there somewhere
theatre: need first hand info, but seems like they've got a pretty solid theatre scene, LORT: Huntington Theatre Company, American Rep (in Cambridge)
opera: Boston Lyric Opera, New England's largest opera company
dance: Boston Ballet
clothing collection: Museum of Fine Arts Boston (which has this beauty)
museums: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art, all the American history
universities: Harvard, BU, all of them
pub trans: rail, bus, subway, boat
shopping: the internet tells me there's good shopping
temple: Boston Temple
location: ab 4 hours from NYC

tacos: Sarah says there are fish tacos
theatre: seems pretty legit? no first hand accounts from peers, LORT: Arden Theatre, People's Light and Theatre Company, Philadelphia Theatre Company, The Wilma Theatre
opera: Philadelphia Opera
dance: Pennsylvania Ballet
clothing collection: Philadelphia Museum of Art
museums: Rodin Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, all of the American history
universities: U Penn
pub trans: Sarah says it's doable
shopping: Seems alright? fabrics?
temple: Philadelphia Temple completion in 2015-16,  Manhattan Temple is closest.
location: 2 hours from NYC, 5 hours from Boston

Washington D.C.
tacos: The food I had there was delicious, they must have good fish tacos somewhere
theatre: Kennedy Center, LORT: Arena Stage, Ford's Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company
opera: Washington National Opera
dance: Washington Ballet
clothing collection: Museum of American History
museums: all of them
universities: Georgetown, American University, have heard nothing great ab their theatre programs.
pub trans: The Metro's alright
shopping: seemed nice
temple: D.C. Temple
location: about 4 hours from NYC

I can look at more inland locations in another entry, but I think these are my top. 


  1. Does England know what a taco is? lol

  2. The east coast isn't that great...

  3. Boston!!! Just do it...although we are REALLY short on men, especially Tall men.

  4. 4th street is good for fabric shopping in Philadelphia and Walnut Street has lots of good retail shops. As for museums there is also the Barnes Foundation which is exceptional. There are lots of great restaurants (I've had good fish tacos here before) and the old town and boat house row are really very pretty! I highly recommend Philadelphia, but at the same time, my sights are set on London as well! (-:

    1. Thanks Caroline! I will get a taste of Philadelphia when I intern at the Arden soon :)