Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Most awkward and/or worst kisses

Here's a list my friends and I have been compiling, starting with Persuasion 2007, the originator of this topic. Mind that some of these aren't bad kisses, the circumstances leading up to them might just be a tad to very uncomfortable. A second installment might be in the works.

Persuasion (2007). The kiss at the end after Anne's been running is just painful. She's been running all over Bath and has the thick, stringy runner's spit we all love so much, Wentworth doesn't lean down far enough to close their foot gap in height leaving Anne to stretch like a baby bird (but really, after waiting 8 1/2 years for Anne I think Wentworth is justified). Start around 2:45 in the video.

Little Women (1994). The proposal. The kiss isn't bad in general, but they've worked up quite the rippin' spit umbilical around 1:12.

Cecil Vyse ladies and gentlemen.
A Room With A View (1985). Cecil asking to kiss Lucy and the resulting meeting of lips has got to be THE most awkward and uncomfortable kiss ever filmed. Good one Daniel Day-Lewis.

he shut his eyes like 6" before this
Emma (1996; Kate Beckinsale). Following the "I held you in my arms when you were three weeks old" comment that works in the book, but should never actually be spoken aloud, Mark Strong closes his eyes too soon and for the next 5 seconds we're left to wonder if he can seal the deal with her still a foot away.

one of my favorite kisses actually
Northanger Abbey (2007): NOT A BAD KISS. Henry and Catherine's kiss into the arbor at the end of this one is so awkward and lovely. The pent up passion and glee is just too fun to watch as it manifests itself as the couple's first very awkward but lovely kiss.

slamming so much snot into his face
Jane Eyre  (2005): The proposal. I've heard this kiss described as "real" before and I'll give you that I guess, but I can't ignore how much snot Ruth Wilson has built up before this kiss.

Museum Game Results 2

How the Museum Game is played.
Thanks to Michelle for this dress description!

The description of the bustle really through me off, but V&A doesn't actually have a back view for the dress, so we'll pretend I got it absolutely right!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

American Sherlock in the works

Lucy Lui will play Joan Watson in an American version of Sherlock Holmes set in NYC. Jonny Lee Miller, Benedict Cumberbatch's co-star in the National's ravely reviewed production of Frankenstein will play Sherlock Holmes. Main concept is that Holmes is British, a former Scotland Yard consultant that has been shipped off to NYC for drug rehab. Watson is his sober roommate, a former surgeon that now consults for the NYPD. Pilot will air on CBS. I'm intrigued, but I feel like making Watson a woman gives this just another Castle type vibe, and do we need another Sherlock? For me you have Jeremy Brett and now Benedict Cumberbatch.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars: Fashion: The Bad: Women

In general I'd say that not many looks were awful, but many of them bored me.

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace. This dress is actually amazing. I love it. I hate the hair style and color, the dumb leg, the chicken bone arms and the lack of powdering off the entire evening. It's all rather harsh, but all things that could be fixed easily.
Kristen Wiig in J. Mendel. Not a bad dress but she just did nude. It's the Oscars Wiig! Mix it up!
Viola Davis in Vera Wang. The color is divine, the bodice is a fun idea, everything else is wrong. Too much boob, the skirt is busy and strange.
Cameron Diaz in Gucci. Yawn. I swear she's worn this dress before. It really is rather lovely, especially the glimmer of shine on the skirt. Ms Diaz has just done the whites, creams and pinks before here, here, here, here, and here.
Anna Faris in Diane von Furstenburg. What is this? Ug, not good for her figure, and what's that line? During the red carpet I thought it was her structure line, now I have no idea. Like the manicure though.
Melissa Leo in Reem Acra. Ill fitting and why does a sequined, nude colored undershirt thing need a collar? It's just strange.
Berenice Bejo in Elie Saab. I love the collection this gown came from, but I hate this dress on Bejo. The color, the cut, her hair, it's just all terrible. I'm surprised she looks at least decent in this photo, bc on the screen she looked awful. Sorry Berenice!

Oscars: Fashion: The Men

Tom Hanks. Tom Freakin' Hanks. Could this get any better? Amazing shawl collar, double breasted, perfect pocket square, wonderful bow tie, spot on cuff length, and the shaping. THE SHAPING. He looks absolutely stunning in this tux. If you watched pre-game on ABC you saw him walking around back stage and this tuxedo is just the bee's knees. I can't pick a best dressed woman, but he wins for men, followed closely by Mr. Firth.
It's the year of the shawl collar, and I love it (influence of 1920s that are on fire since The Artist and Downton). Firth's got the single breasted tuxedo down. I just can't not smile when I see Mr. Firth. Highlight of the show. Goes to show that the best men own/rent more than one tuxedo and Messrs. Hanks and Firth really think about what they're going to wear, or their wives do (I pretend the men care).
Christopher Plummer. You   work   that   velvet. I've said before, if you veer away from traditional black tie you'd better do it in a classy way. I'd say a velvet dinner jacket with braid piping works in a big way.
 James Earl Jones, shawl collar, black waistcoat. I'd only change his collar to a turn down (do I need to remind you that wing collars are only for white ties?). It's just really nice and age appropriate and classy.
Bret McKenzie. Way to go. I just can't say enough for the shawl collars this year.

Oscars: Fashion: The Good: Women

Ok, these are going to be a series bc they're just too much to do all at once. We'll start with my best dressed women, move onto best dressed men, then the bad...

Basically in the order I found them on MTV's site, working off a list I made during the show.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. I love the color, which is coral, not red, not orange. Her hair is sans headband which is the way to go. Love the make up, love the jewelry. It's just great!

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli Couture. I love the color. I personally don't like high necks but she's working it. The bow is playful, as was she. Refreshing to see fuller skirts this season.
Natalie Portman in vintage Dior. Of course I love it! It's Dior! Love the color, the cut, the velvet polka dots. She had my favorite jewels of the night.
Penelope Cruz in Giorgio Armani. Another full, diaphanous skirt. Love the color, love the styling, love the jewels. I loved watching her walk across the stage. A delightfully feminine and classic dress.
Sandra Bullock in Marchesa. Rather daring to go so shapeless on top, but the gold work is divine, the cream and black contrast is lovely and the back is to die for. Sandy can do no wrong in my eyes.
Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen. On screen this dress was rather dull, but it absolutely shines on film. Oh Alexander McQueen, you do opulent embroidery like nobody's bizz. Hate the hair. This is the Oscars people, not a beach wedding, tie it back!
Tina Fey in custom Carolina Herrera. Tina's a classy lady. I just love this dress so so much and the lady wearing it.
Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford. I freaking loved this ensemble. Loved the cape. Loved the dress without it. Gwyenth totally rocks the absolutely simple and clean looks. Pony tail hair? Dumb.
Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji. You rock it girl. This dress is so flattering and moved like a dream and is just so ravishing and fantastic. The skirt silhouette is absolutely Venus de Milo and the train is divine.

Read for another take.
Those were all the names on my list. So there you go.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscars: First Response

Real quick rundown. Keep in mind that I know a lot of people are cynical about the Oscars, but I eat them the F up and wait all year for them.

:-: THAT'S how you host the Oscars. Thank you Billy Crystal, well done, well done. Kept the momentum, the jokes were funny but not preachy and you wrapped it up like a champ. Reminded why I love When Harry Met Sally.
:-: I could watch Jean Dujardin make faces all day. I'm sure when I actually see The Artist  I'll absolutely die the whole time.
:-: Boyfriend Benedict Cumberbatch was shown for like a second (remind me to tell you about the dream I had where Benedict Cumberbatch was my boyfriend and I called him "Ben").
:-: Cirque, you are da bomb, seriously.
:-: Will Farrell and Zamch Galdfskljfdsoijsda with cymbals is a win, always. Awkward trophy girl, also a win.
:-: Great year for speeches, nothing overly dramatic or political (Except for Best Foreign and Best Doc, which was necessary and appreciated). Best speeches: the editors that decided to just leave, Octavia Spencer, Christopher Plummer, Jean Dujardin, and Meryl Streep.
:-: MERYL STREEP! I love how real she is. She wears reading glasses, she knows she's never going to win again, she thanks her husband first. She's a classy lady.
:-: Orchestra in the boxes, um yes.
:-: Loved the set, so nostalgic and great.
:-: I love how Edith Head was the highlight of the costume design presentation when she mostly designed modern films, not period, and The Artist won, probs because it was in black and white, when Edith Head won all but two Oscars for black and white films. I bet she's laughing it up.
:-: Tina Fey makes my heart smile.
:-: Angelina Jolie does not.
:-: Jonah Hill makes my face smile.
:-: There's no part of me that doesn't smile when I see Colin Firth in a tuxedo.

Fashion entries to come, don't you fret!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mark Strong: Everbody's Villain

My introduction to Mark Strong was as Mr. Knightly in the Kate Beckinsale Emma. Yes his hair was too wispy and their kiss is on my list of most awkward, but I thought his Knightly characterization was spot on and while Jeremy Northam of course is so dreamy Mark Strong held the position of Most Knightly-y (now taken by Johnny Lee Miller).
tallest and broadest Knightly
And then BAM, villain time! Tall, broad, handsome, and naturally bald, Strong could work a wig or go au naturale. Rather dashing either way.
Toby Crackit in Oliver Twist*
Septimus in Star Dust
Nick in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Archy in RocknRolla*
Bouhler (a Nazi) in Good (with Viggo Mortensen)*
Sir John Conroy in The Young Victoria
Lord Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes
Franco D'Amico in Kick-Ass*
Godfrey in Robin Hood
Sinestro in Green Lantern*
Matai Shang in John Carter*

 *denotes I haven't seen film
List is by no means extensive, I did my best with what I could find on Wikipedia for films I haven't seen.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Awake

I gripe that I pay for Hulu Plus and still have to watch commercials, but Hulu Plus has show previews sometime which is totally worth it (also worth it bc I don't have a TV in general).

Last week Hulu put the premiere of Awake up which shows on March 1. I've been waiting for forever for this show and it didn't have a definitive premiere date until its commercial aired during the Super Bowl. Well well well, look who watched it last night instead of waiting until March 1. Awake stars my favorite, should-always-have-long-hair British actor Jason Isaacs. Most recently in Case Histories as hunky P.I. Jackson Brody, you'd most likely know him as Lucius Malfoy, Col. Tavington from The Patriot, and Captain Hook in the live action Peter Pan. He's hunky, but onto Awake.

Awake centers around detective Michael Britten whose son has died in a fatal family car crash leaving him and his wife (Hannah) bereaved. When he goes to sleep however, he lives in a world where his wife was killed and his son Rex survived, making it impossible for him to know which world is reality and which is a dream. In each scenario he has different partners at work, played by Wilmer Valderrama and Steve Harris, and different shrinks, played by B.D. Wong and Cherry Jones. His cases in each cross over and more and more evidence supports and breaks down the reality of each world. At the end of the pilot he decides that he has no desire to be "cured" of this intense coping mechanism since it would mean losing either Hannah or Rex.

Oh Jason Isaacs, how I love thee. While the success of Awake would most likely mean no resolution to Case Histories it would replace House as the compelling drama starring a dreamy eyed British actor with a spot on American accent. I mean, so many great shots of Isaacs' eyes, and B.D. Wong's office is the exact same color as Isaacs' sage green augen. Ok, the actual merits of the show. The story is of course very compelling. The writing spends equal time in each reality and keeps them clear with a few devices (Britten wears different colored rubber bands, the house is getting redecorated in one, different partners and shrinks, he only wears a suit coat in one). At times these devices were less obvious and so panic about which reality I was watching ensued, but that's what's supposed to happen. It was a ride and a great one at that. Jason Isaacs is phenomenal overall and has some really genuine and heart-wrenching moments.The wife really bugged me at first, but not so much by the end of the episode. The shrinks are both rather lovely.

Production design overall is pretty great. It's a cop show with a dark plot so the colors are rather dusty and diluted, but there are some moments of light and beauty. Particular attention has been given to colors in general as this is one of the ways Det. Britten uses to set the realities apart from each other. His son's reality is green, with almost all the extras in non-distracting shades of it in one particular scene. His wife's is red, the color she wears to their date. I'm very excited to look for other clues like this.

The pilot was a really excellent piece of television in my opinion and I'm very excited to see how the series continues. Yes, one more cop drama, but with a very captivating and horrifying twist!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Museum Game Results 1

I've been on egg shells trying to sketch the dresses from the descriptions provided for my museum game  w/o coming across the dresses in my everyday browsing on my museum sites. Luckily I came across Jenni's real dress on Pinterest after I'd finished the sketch, so here they are. Thanks so much Jenni!! and Michelle, I'm as done as I'm going to be with yours so you can go ahead and send me the dress or I'll find it on my own:).

Here's the dress "Brique" by Poiret from the V&A. Click to read the description I worked from. Turns out I had it in my own research cache the whole time!
And here's what I came up with! Pretty close I think. Go me!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project: Opening Night Dress: Mock Up

Threw together the mock up for the Opening Night dress today. I draped it on an 8 form which has my bust and waist measurements. I added 1" of length to the torso and used my skirt sloper to add to the hips and trace the right shape (I say shape when I mean straight line from waist to hip). Knowing my shoulders are slanted I fit the mock up w/o them seamed. I thought about calling someone savvy ab fitting and driving up to Provo, but then didn't feel like it.

Front bodice and front strap
Back Bodice
skirts (accidently cut at waist before I thought through lengthening torso)
self gusseted sleeve from sloper
B/W so you can't see my underwears!

I fit most of it in the mirror then had my sister take pictures for a better look. I didn't set the sleeve since I knew the shoulders would change. I'm pretty gosh darn proud of my draping and patterning for this one. I'm also happy I'm so similar to an 8. The bust is perfect. Like I thought the shoulders are off, the torso needs another 3/4" or so in length and there are a couple spots that need tension released. I'm not sure what to do about my high left hip though. In skirt patterns I add 3/4" to the right waist, but I'm not sure what to do w/ an empire waist. I don't have my books with me so any suggestions would be appreciated. I might just move onto the leopard print tomorrow! Although I need a lining for it since this is not a facing situation.

Every girl that wears straight dresses take note: there ARE NOT wrinkles across my hips. This means the dress FITS. Also, when I sit it doesn't sprint 4" above my knees. This means it FITS. Novel idea right?