Sunday, August 18, 2013

Promises and Not Promises

Tomorrow I start the last legs of my journey to State College, PA for my first year of graduate school!

As pertaining to this blog:

I promise to update you as much as I can.
I not promise to make that as often as you'd like.
I promise to update you with my grad school happenings.
I not promise that these happenings will be more than the fact that I'm tired and grumpy.
I promise to post pictures of projects.
I not promise to post them in a timely manner.

If these promises and not promises don't suit you then be that way. It's what you get!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fabric Catalogue

I spent the last two afternoons cataloging my fabric! I have a personal rule that I don't travel with fabric unless it'll come back as a garment. No exception for grad school. I've organized my bins into knits, silks, cottons, and wools. I've swatched and bindered the fabrics so if I want something I can send my mom half the swatch and the location of the desired piece. Pretty great huh? Yeah, I'm sure mom thinks so too...

Top middle is one of my favorite pieces of silk, middle bottom is a silk/wool I got for $45 off a designer dealer, and middle bottom is a great dupioni.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Up Next

I leave Cedar City in a week, a week. I extended my contract for two weeks, so should have been gone by now, but they needed me and I didn't want to say good-bye yet. I'll have a week at home in Nebraska, then I go to grad school at Penn State!

People keep asking me if I'm excited, and I am, but I'm also very busy here still, and have all of my friends and my lovely apartment to relish in for my last week. I figure grad school will be here soon enough (three weeks?!) so I'm taking advantage of the time I have left here. Very near is being busy and crazy for three years straight. I'll take a few more night on my porch with my dear ones.

Big move! Soon I will be in an entirely new part of the country with all new people and surroundings and tasks and experiences. I've been rather comfortable and cozy for two years? six years? 24 years? eh, awhile at any rate. I'm thrilled to learn and know new things, be given new and fresh opportunities, and give my all to something I love.

I'll miss it here, big time. I'll miss my lovely friends that mean so much to me. I'll miss the work and the atmosphere and the art, but I leave to become better and to hopefully to return with more to give.

Was this schmaltzy? I'm feeling schmaltzy.