Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sexy Sunday: Easters!

I was going to wear my striped dress I got in NYC...but it's too short (my whole knee shows!). Did I not notice this when I tried it on? It's got about an inch to let down...and I guess I'll just wear it during the week and not to church.

So...I pulled out another vintage dress I have and that I like. It doesn't have the thrill of a new dress, but no one at church had seen it so they were full of compliments.

Miss P got a new dress. I'm holding her hand so she doesn't pick her nose. Classy.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dating: A Variation of Shelby's Lectures on Love

Dating has come up almost as much as "love" and "marriage" in my life recently.

Read this article, Time to Stop Hooking Up then come back here.

I was talking at work the other night about how I had a completely different college experience than most. I went to a private university with an honor and dress code (that is actually observed by the vast majority of students). Members of the opposite gender couldn't be in your apartment before 10am or after midnight (1:30 am on Friday nights). Bedrooms were off-limits. I still don't go into men's rooms. Abstinence was followed because we reaffirmed every school year that we were willing to live the code we signed when we decided to attend our college, a code that is rooted in our religious beliefs. My alma mater is the #1 stone cold sober school in the country, and I can't imagine it will ever be dethroned.

You know what I got from this? A regret free education that's left me with many amazing male friends in my life that I got to know through casual interactions or "dating". I also developed a strong sense of what I'm worth and what I deserve.

I don't let men text me to make plans. When a guy and I start to text and I can tell he's fishing to figure out if I'd be interested in going somewhere with him I lay it out, "Ask me in person and we'll see what I say". I've used this on multiple men (last month actually). I know it freaks them out, they've told me. I've asked men for their numbers. I've called men to ask them out, or have asked them out in person, so I know how it goes. It sucks, your heart beats fast, you say the words, then it's over. And  you know what? It makes it more special.

I date. I don't accept "hang outs" if a guy wants to get to know me. Sure, chat me up at a party, but if you want to see more of me let's plan something. A guy, a girl, some food (although I'm a terrible eater...), some talk. My church says a lot about dating that I won't get into, but bottom line is I won't accept less than courtship. I'm worth so much more than being a casual part of your life. If you just want to be friends we'll figure it out real quick and be friends.

I'm very careful with affection. Read that article again and tell me I shouldn't be.

My approach may be old fashioned, and when I'm back on campus at my undergrad it is more than surreal to be in such a wholesome atmosphere, but I built a foundation there that still informs my interactions with men. I didn't date as much as some women there, but I had healthy and wholesome relationships and while I bat around phrases like "Remember who you are" "Return with honor" and "Stay vertical", I mean them and I live them.

This article also reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend this fall about the order of things between men and women. In the "world view" sex is step 2, 3, or 4 in a 10 step process, getting to know that person intimately, if at all, is usually closer to 7, 8, or 9. In my Mormon world it's opposite, with sex as 9 or 10 and getting to know someone intimately being step 3, 4, or 5. I like it better this way. You only get to step 10 after step 9, which is marriage, which means that most likely step 10 is reserved for one person. Isn't that nice? I think so.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Things Adults Own

rolling pins
matching silverware
queen sized beds
decorative pillows

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Opening Night Dress '13: Let the beading begin!

It has begun. Which means I'll be watching a lot of TV and movies for awhile. I watched the last Batman  yesterday (which scared me this summer when I thought of my friends moving to NYC, but now I don't mind...I could hack it) and season one of The Muppet Show with my mom last night (my copy). In all I worked for about 4.5 hours? I should keep track so y'all know how much time dress making really takes so when you ask me for quotes you don't pass out.

piece is basted onto my mom's quilt frame.
The thread tracing pulled when stretched so I clipped it in places.
In future I'd leave more ease. 
pulled tight to simulate how it will be when worn

I'm a little worried about it being see through...
beading may distract, but am considering lining the back
and facing the front. 
This was at about 3.5 hours in. 
About a quarter done?...a scant quarter...let's just say it's a quarter
I'm dying over how beautiful this is going to be
Other notes:
-I'm tying a knot after every 15 beads or so, in case something happens I won't have to redo much,.
-I'm worried about the resiliency of the fabric...meaning I think it's being stretched too much and won't bounce back to its original dimensions. I compare it with the pattern piece and sometimes it looks like I can get it back to where it needs to be, and other times not. Having it strung up isn't the best way to tell, so we'll see when it comes off the frame. Cross that bridge when we get to it.
-I'm feeling good about the amount of beads I have *knock on wood*. I think since I'm using so many different types I'll be ok...I might run out of the pink, but those are from in town. I'm feeling good about my NYC pearls and sequins. *knockonwoodknockonwoodknockonwood/

Monday, March 25, 2013

Call the Midwife

I watched this whole series for you yesterday!

Call the Midwife is a BBC drama that premiered in 2012 and was overshadowed by Downton. I've known about it for as long as it's been out, but was one that was focused on Downton. Now I've got some time off of Downton, with some hard feelings, so I've given Call the Midwife a go.

Tellyspotting article here. 

It's about nuns delivering babies in London's East End in the late 1950s. I can see how it might not attract as many viewers as Downton as I feel it's a show women would like more. I'd be interested to know of any men's opinions on it versus Downton. There are many many many birth scenes that while not full on, can get pretty graphic. As would be expected many possible pregnancy complications are tackled and either overcome....or not. I cried every episode. It's a beautiful show with likable characters, touching plots and high production value.

Venessa Redgrave does the voice over for the main character Jenny, as she looks back on her life. Her commentary provides the insight and "moral" of each episode. The season starts with her saying that all babies are born out of love or lust and that she was to learn of the passions and loves that brings life into the world. The rest of the season follows this theme as different kinds of love are examined. It's a great study on love (which of course has been popping up in my life so much recently...)

Series 1 is on Netflix, six episodes of 52 minutes. I think it's also available on PBS's website. Series 2 premieres on PBS this Sunday. It's not a Masterpiece series oddly enough...It's on after Doc Martin but before Masterpiece.

Mr. Selfridge is premiering on Masterpiece this week too...and I'm not so keen on watching it. I'm not sure why, but we'll see. I never got into Upstairs Downstairs either...things I'm sure I'll amend someday like I have with Call the Midwife.

Also, the actress that plays Nurse Jenny Lee looks like my beautiful friend Elizabeth, especially with her hair short now. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sexy Sunday: Vintage

It was a vintage day. 1960s to be precise, but a more accurate year I cannot say. The dress is early 60's, the coat is later, if I had to guess. I took my orange winter coat to the dry cleaners but then it got all wintery again...luckily I had ANOTHER orange coat. Aren't I a lucky girl?
From my friend Erin.
Thank you thank you!

Dress: gift from costume friends
Pin: Welsh dragon
Plaid tights
Nine West shoes (current favorites)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Things about me men should find attractive:

I am conscientiously not a hoarder.
I bake to show love.
I like to iron shirts.
I have soft elbows.
I'm really good at remembering birthdays.
I kill my own spiders.
I have a 34" inseam.
My hair's pretty fancy sometimes. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Opening Night Dress '13: I just want to bead it already!

I had my mom fit me in the mock up a couple of nights ago and I trued up the patterns today. I thread traced the pieces that will be beaded and will bead them before I cut them out. I obviously won't bead into the seam allowance, nor close to it. I'm planning on leaving 1/4"-3/8" clear of the seam so I can keep the foot away from the beads and have room to take it in if I need to. I'm going to set it up on my mom's quilt frame bc the beads won't work with a hoop. 

I just want to bead it! SO excited (for now...)
Since I'm not sure if I'll have enough beads I'll do the back and shoulder pieces first and shorten the sleeves if I need to. I'm not 100% sold on the sleeve length as it is, so this'll give me more time to think/might force me into shortening them.

Silk gazar

Jackjack worked with silk gazar this fall in NYC and I finally got to see it at Mood. This stuff is incredible. If you can imagine a quadruple weight organza then you're getting close.

Wikipedia says:

Gazar (also gazaar) is a silk or wool plain weave fabric made with high-twist double yarns woven as one. Gazar has a crisp hand and a smooth texture.

Gazar was developed by the Swiss textile firm Alexander in collaboration with Basque couturier Cristobal Balenciaga, who featured silk gazar in his collections of 1960-68. Balenciaga's mastery of this gleaming, lightweight fabric with its "claylike" ability to hold its shape was exemplified by the trapezoid wedding gowns in his collections of 1967 and 1968.

Dior Couture Spring 2013

Balenciaga 1967

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2011

Jason Wu...I just want to have this. 
Watch looks 28 and 44 move from the Dior Couture show.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More about love...

You know how Marie Curie comes up in your English assignment in 5th grade and all of a sudden she's everywhere that week? That night's episode of The Simpsons, the next Friday's episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, various and sundry other sources.

Whelp, since my Valentine's Day entry love talk has been everywhere, esp in relation to relationships. I've had more than three conversations in the past two weeks with disparate (nonMormon) friends about relationships and marriage, Sunday School was about how to have a good marriage and how to treat your spouse, and my friend posted an Ensign article on Facebook that I think is so on point about everything I've been trying to communicate.

One of the amazing things about LDS doctrine is that it's very simple and logical. Spiritual and moral reasons aside, not drinking, doing drugs, sleeping around, staying out of debt and having a 72 hour kit makes sense. So what do we say on marriages and love? (taken from Agency and Love in Marriage by Elder Lynn G. Robbins)

"There are no perfect marriages in the world because there are no perfect people. But our doctrine teaches us how to nurture our marriages toward perfection and how to keep the romance in them along the way. No one need ever “fall out of love.” Falling out of love is a cunning myth which causes many broken hearts and homes."

Too many believe that love is a condition, a feeling that involves 100 percent of the heart, something that happens to you. They disassociate love from the mind and, therefore, from agency. In commanding us to love, the Lord refers to something much deeper than romance—a love that is the most profound form of loyalty. He is teaching us that love is something more than feelings of the heart; it is also a covenant we keep with soul and mind."

Because love is as much a verb as it is a noun, the phrase “I love you” is much more a promise of behavior and commitment than it is an expression of feeling. “I love you” is a phrase we should be using in our homes much more than we do. "

"Scripturally, the Lord is very clear with us on this doctrine—you can’t “fall out of love,” because love is something you decide. Agency plays a fundamental role in our relationships with one another. This being true, we must make the conscious decision that we will love our spouse and family with all our heart, soul, and mind; that we will build, not “fall into,” strong, loving marriages and families. “Don’t just pray to marry the one you love. Instead, pray to love the one you marry.”"

It is only by our constant, committed effort that we will make the love we share with our spouse a constant for eternity."

Putting it out there: I have very little romantic relationship experience (although I love my friends dearly), but I 100% believe that love takes work and that the constant and daily effort to make your partner happy is how to have a successful relationship. I've seen it work and know it's true. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Opening Night Dress '13: Oh yeah, this

So...I better get back to my Opening Night Dress huh?

Today was my first day for just me in two weeks. I cleaned my room, ran some errands, worked on a painting I need to finish for my sister, and did a sample for the beading on my Opening Night Dress. I'm worried I won't have enough beads and I should probably use the most of the beads I can get in town...or get Jackjack to get me more in NYC :)

This 2"x1" section took me about an hour...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

British words...

that are just too weird to prounounce/use like they do...
...the past tense of eat

word I will gladly use...
...the past tense of shit
...get it sorted

Friday, March 15, 2013

NYC: What I Bought

Now THIS is the entry I'm sure you've all been waiting for.

Like I said previously, I spent all of Saturday with Jackjack thrifting. We also hit Anthropologie. On Tuesday I did my notions shopping for my Opening Night Dress 2013. Here's what I got!

Pinafore from a uniform supply company.
I will wear this over things at work to stay clean. 
I tried on lots of vintage dresses.
Jack thought I'd get other things than I did.
I got this because it's super comfy and cute,
believe me.
It also fits me, most of the dresses I tried on
were too short waisted.
Jack to a girl near us "EVERYTHING has ducks on it!...PUT A BIRD ON IT!"
Next thing he touched was this skirt. He's on the fence about it, but I LOVE it!
I just want to wear dresses and skirts all summer, like I do. 
This is an All Saints dress.
Leave it to All Saints to come up with this jankity masterpiece.
Jack convinced me to get it. It's unlike anything I have,
but it's fierce and casual. It needs to be rocked with some insane black heels. 

One of the selling points for me was the defined lower back
 since the waist isn't as trim as I'm used to.
But the small of my back looks phenomenal. 

 Got sequins etc from a trim place in the Fashion District. 
Got double velvet ribbon and good grosgrain from Mood for belts.
flower pot (for flowers!) and a belt from Anthropologie

I talked to girls at church about how having a style/dressing well takes work. It does. It takes a lot of work, esp if you're on a budget. It takes hours, and you have to take time to try things on. Eventually you will hone your shopping skills like Jack and I so you know what you won't like before you try it on, weeding out a majority of the things you won't buy before you try them on. I am a pro shopper, but it still takes time and patience. Somedays it pays off, others it doesn't. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

NYC: What I Did

I started thinking about going to NYC last summer when I quickly realized a lot of people I care about a whole lot were moving there. I decided to go when I realized I was single, had never been, and had no reason not to go. It was originally going to be just for kicks and giggles, but life happens.

A couple of weeks ago I learned that my one and only pick for grad school was full for the upcoming school year. If you've been following my blog you might have gotten the vibe that things weren't going great in my life, this had something to do with it...So, I called USF, arranged for a 6 months contract instead of a 3 and thought about what to do with my life for another year after that. The answer? Move to NYC. I'm home in Nebraska to earn money, but (no offense to my family or the amazing people I know here) it's not making me happy, quite the opposite. At least in New York I'll be with my best friends and in the capital of the world where all of the theatre jobs are. So, this trip became a fact finding mission to figure out if I could/would want to live in NYC. Here is what I did...

Wednesday: I flew to NYC. After delays and cancellations in Chicago I switched airlines and avoided it all together. I got in on Wednesday night and took the M60 pretty much straight to bestie Sarah's apt in Upper Manhattan. She made me baked ziti which we ate while we relaxed and watched British quiz shows. It was so nice. We also ate many cookies which I brought with me from home. Eating sweets and watching internet shows is our default.

THURSDAY: Sarah and I took the train to the west side of Central Park and walked the rest of the way to The Met. The weather was terrible, but not as bad as it would be...
We spent the late morning/early afternoon in The Met. Of course we went through the Egyptians exhibit. Sarah knows what I like. Neither of us had been before, so we were pretty impressed with the amount of Egyptian stuff they had. The curation was however lacking (a theme of the day at The Met).
We went through the Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity exhibit that had Impressionist paintings along with appropriate fashions, which was fantastic. Ug, I died. It was very well done. There was a whole room of Worth gowns, which I recognized right way. Worth, duh. Seeing the paintings and dresses I've researched for years was phenomenal.
We also went through the historic rooms, bc that's Sarah's bag. The Met is huge, so we kind of called it after those things. There's no way to see it all, and with the curation being so cray cray we didn't try. ***Shout out to the person that returned Sarah's scarf to the lost and found!
After The Met we met friend Jack (he asked why his title is "friend"...bc he is?) and I introduced Jack and Sarah, and that was awesome. We had bagels for lunch then went to the MoMA, which was A HIGHTLIGHT. It was much better organized than The Met and ug, it was just great. Having my besties in this museum together was just so so so great. Also, Starry Night is at The MoMA! WHAT?! How did I not know that?! I cried. I looked at it and got close (despite everyone being like 8 ft away taking pictures...) and then went around and looked at some Picassos etc, and then turned around to look at it again and all of a sudden I was all choked up and crying. It was ridiculous. I've always loved Van Gogh, and have a print of Starry Night from childhood, and after the Doctor Who episode with Van Gogh it was all just a bit much, I cried.
After The MoMA we bid Jack adieu and Sarah and I kind of walked around and went to some stores and eventually got dinner at a Jamaican place. We turned in pretty early because the weather was wet and I was so tired and couldn't see anything of the city. I'm sure we watched more BBC quiz shows when we got back.

FRIDAY: The weather was TERRIBLE. I met Matt early for breakfast before he caught a train out of the city and it was snowing. Like accumulated snow. Everywhere. We caught up at a diner and I wish I was more of a breakfast person...
Ug, the weather was SO BAD. I went back home and Sarah and I just chilled in her super warm apartment. I had an appointment at NYU for a tour of their grad department which I went to at 3. There were pros and cons to their program, but it was nice to talk shop/ab more education. After NYU I wandered around Washington Square then headed over to Lincoln Center to go to the 6pm session at the Manhattan Temple with my friend Hannah. Luckily I left super early because I ended up underground for about 45 minutes because I missed a transfer or something...still not sure how it happened. I'm really good with public transport.
The Temple with Hannah and her husband was lovely. Mormons are amazing at real estate. The Temple's right off the 66th Street/Lincoln Center stop and across the street from Lincoln Center, the NYC Phil and all of the other things. Inside was beautiful and so nice and peaceful (as it always is), especially compared to the city. After our session Hannah, her husband, and I went to dinner and caught up and talked about the old days at BYU, and The Bubble, and all of the things. It was SO nice to see Hannah! They drove me home and I'm sure Sarah and I watched BBC quiz shows after.

SATURDAY: The weather was BEAUTIFUL! Jack and I met for brunch and I had amazing granola and berries. We caught up on all of the things then went shopping in the East Village (other entry to come). We mostly thrifted and I got super cute stuff. At one place someone started pulling clothes for me. It's hard to be so beautiful #sorrynotsorry. We got delicious pizza and all of the things and really it was just an entire day of shopping. Ug, so good. I wore my new dress....but....didn't take any pictures because...I just didn't. You shouldn't trust me when I promise you things...
We had dinner at an Indian/Bangladesh restaurant where the ceiling was strewn with a million holiday lights and the walls were covered with every holiday thing. It was fantastic, and so small. Anyone that likes personal space would HATE it. I liked it a lot. After dinner Jack and I kept ourselves busy until Sarah was done with a school thing, then I ran into my friend Nakeisha on the 1! SO random! Such a big city and I ran into lovely lovely beautiful Nakeisha! Saturday night Sarah and I watched some BBC stuff but I think we fell asleep...

SUNDAY: Yes, I am good at public transport, but I'm not good at double checking addresses, which is why I made it to 128th and Lexington with no problem, when the Harlem church building is on 128th and Lennox...No matter. I strutted Harlem in my super cute heals and made it in time to take the Sacrament. After the intermediate hymn I looked up and THERE WAS MY FRIEND CARTER! I knew he was in the area looking at grad schools, but was so thrilled he was in church with me. I sat with him in Sunday School and met his friends. After SS I met a girl that's friends with a boy I worked with this summer (seen above in a super cute sweater, what are the chances?), and during Relief Society I ran into and sat with wonderful Caitlin who went to BYU and is actually friends with Matt, so it's all very connected and strange and wonderful. Other than that of course there were people in the ward from BYU. I loved the ward.
Sunday after church Sarah and I got bagels and sat in Morningside Park. After that we got cookies and sat in Riverside Park. After that I got on a bus and went to Pennsylvania, State College to be specific. There I was picked up by a friend of a friend whom I stayed with for the night.

MONDAY: I visited Penn State, and LOVED IT! I met Jack's friend Lindsey whom I'd been talking with on the email. I sat in on their scenic and costume design class, toured their facilities, got a look at their stock and historical collection, had some creamery ice cream (Where Ben and Jerry studied!) and went to dinner with one of their new grad students and the head of the department. Also while I was there I played phone tag with some local members and randomly ran into one of them! The Mormon network never ceases to amaze me! I really liked PSU and they seemed to like me. Such a good first date. Monday night I got back on the bus and went back to NYC. I got in at 2 in the morning! Woof! Worth it though.

Quick sidebar: I found these amazing paintings of famous people. I was hoping to find a third as two of anything, even creepy paintings of celebrities, isn't enough.

TUESDAY: Tuesday was also kind of up in the air. Since Sarah had school all day and we didn't get a chance to on Saturday Jack and I went fabric shopping in the fashion district. Yes, we did go to Mood. I got belt materials for my Opening Night Dress. At other stores I got more sequins and beads for the top. Yes, there was glorious fabric everywhere, but I was shopping for one project which kept me away from buying things I wouldn't need. The weather was TERRIBLE again. Very rainy and awful. Jack and I eventually just sat and ate macarons in a french bakery. They were incredible. Jack knows macarons...After some more window shopping Jack and I walked to Time Square where I met up with Matt for dinner. First we went to a comic book store where they had Doctor Who stuff, which was neat, and a dramatic book store, where they had some costume books I really want. I feel like all of the places I went in NYC had books I want...Matt and I had a nice dinner and caught up on all of the things, then I went home and packed. EXHAUSTED! When Sarah got home from her school things we watched more BBC quiz shows.

WEDNESDAY: I went home. Oh, and there was a new Pope.

So there it is! The entire time I was in NYC I felt comfortable and at ease. I never once felt overwhelmed or like I was in a movie. I was simply in New York City, living and breathing and being. I checked in with myself often to see if I was ok with what was happening, and with the idea of living there, and I always got the green light. So, barring anything catastrophic or supernatural (including the spiritual, which is more likely), I'M MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Basically all I think about...

is going to New York in two days!

I was talking to friends and sending emails for hours last night cementing plans etc etc. It's going to be a full week but I'm stoked. Hopefully as exhausting as this trip is sure to be, it will also be restorative for the last six week push to get out of here.

I'm debating not taking my laptop...I hate lugging it around, and now that I have my iPhone the only thing it's really good for would be blogging...which I'll probably be too tired for anyway.

Things I'm super excited for:

Friends I haven't seen in months!
The Met
Bagels, lots and lots of bagels
I'm getting a tour of NYU's design department
All of the shopping
Various and sundry parks and attractions
Church in Harlem...need to make connections for later.
BIG CITY! LOTS OF PEOPLE! SIGHTS AND SOUNDS AND SMELLS! (but really, I LOVE big cities, my family doesn't believe that I like them, but I do! I love them!)
A possible visit to some designers
A trip over to PSU to check out their program
Manhattan Temple!

All of the things really. It's going to be crazy. I don't want to be a tourist, I want to do things my NYC friends think I'll like. I am not currently planning on seeing any theatre, GASP! I know, I know, but for this trip at least I'd so much rather be with my friends doing and talking and seeing things than sitting in a dark theatre. There's plenty of time for that later.

Anyway, I've got lots to do to finish getting ready and have FHE to get together tonight.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

British TV Recommendation: The Big Fat Quiz

I was going to do an entry on all the wonderful British game and chat shows, but that's a lot and I don't have it in me, so I'll do one at a time as part of a "British TV Recommendations" series. I've already told you to watch QI and The Graham Norton Show, so do it!

The BBC loves to showcase funny people. I can't really think of an equivalent type of show here in the US (but now that Who's Line is coming back (which was originally British...)) . They have numerous and sundry programmes where their wittiest and driest comedians answer informative questions for hours. It's great. 

Today I recommend The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. You may guess that it's annual, and you'd be right! (The British are also big on Christmas/end of the year specials). It's been around since 2004 and has  three other specials focusing on the 80s, 90s, and 00s.
2012: These two ordered a pizza, no joke. 

Hosted by Jimmy Carr, the show is essentially a 90 minute pub quiz with three teams of two. I've watched three, or four? so far and it's just a riot. David Mitchell, Jonathan Ross, David Walliams, Noel Fielding, Jamie Oliver, Alan Carr, and Richard Ayoade among many other tried and true TV comedians participate. It's rather a boys' club (as they all are) but includes one girl a show. The whole thing is usually just mayhem. It professes to be a family show, but there can be quite a bit of language and adult subject matter discussed. Read this article if you want more info ab its content. 

Rikki Sixx has the episodes on YouTube. 
Start here:

Friday, March 1, 2013


This came up a couple of weeks ago, and it. was. amazing.

Sometimes after FHE (church stuff on Mondays) our Bishop's wife does yoga. Last month or so we're all getting ready and sitting on our mats in the gym, having a swell time when we noticed there was an empty mat in the middle of everyone.

"Who's mat is that" someone asked.

"Elijah's" I said.


Old Testament humor FTW.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome to March.