Saturday, December 26, 2009

wishlist: marc jacobs bag

I couldn't copy and paste, but the new Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are fantastic!! They come in many more patterns than are shown here and are to die for.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

West Point uniform

delicious. I was unable to find a good picture from the Civil War online, but I have seen them in books, boy howdy, classy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

trendi: grey jeans

About four years ago I bought a pair of 4 long grey pants from the Gap for $15. I love these pants. They are casual enough to wear like jeans, but dressy enough for dates. They are my favorites, but will be on their last leg in the near future.

Enter the actual trend for grey pants, namely jeans. When I bought these pants four years ago there was not even a whiff of grey for denim, but it's everywhere now and I LOVE it!! Because my precious, old, reliable greys were fading I've been on the prowl for replacements. I love these pants b/c they're not denim, but they're slim, not like dress slacks. After looking many many places w/ no dice I returned to my precious Gap to find grey jeans. At first I didn't think that denim could replace my wonderful pants, but I got them anyway and between my grey pants, grey jeans and navy skinny denim jeans I hardly wear blue jeans anymore.

What's so great about grey jeans? They're GREY!! Grey is a Power Neutral, so I can wear whatever other Primary Neutral I want with it! Oh man, I love grey so much!! That's basically it, besides the fact that Gap makes excellent, sturdy and comfortable jeans, which in this instance happened to be sized by waist, which is great. I wish all girls pants were sized like men's, but we can blog about that later.

Meanwhile, the best dressed boys I know where grey jeans, yummmmm.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

catch up.

A couple of weeks ago the ex-First Draper at Dior came and did a 4 hour workshop here at BYU. It was AMAZING! She's a friend of one of my professors and was amazing. Of course she's French and basically spoke in French, draped a coat and told stories (which were lucky told in English). She'll come back next year to do a 2 day Project Runway sort of workshop where we come w/ a sketch and material and by the end of the 2nd day we have a finished garment.

I've been promoted to First Hand in the costume shop. I'm keeping my Wardrobe Supervising position, but now I also sew the costumes together. My first project: Marianne's bodice for Tartuffe, designed by my friend Haleh. It is adorable!!! and almost done. We had one of our last fittings today and it's so amazing!! It's boned w/ piping, of mattress ticking, silk and velvet piping. The most latter was a pain to get in and it turned out I couldn't get it good enough. I handed it off to my boss and after trying she ruled that the velvet we were using was impossible. I've spent the last two days hand binding the edges and it's so exciting!!! I've also worked on the skirt that goes w/ the bodice, as have 6 other people. I'd say it's my favorite costume, but there are SO many AMAZING designs in this show. I'm really expecting it to be one of the best shows BYU's done in years.

I have my renderings for Blood Wedding due the day school starts on January 4th. I get to build the moon and the wedding dress. My design project will be hand dying the moon like this picture. I'm excited to go home over the holidays and paint.

My friend Martha and I were both accepted to the London Theatre study abroad program for Spring '10 (in BYU years that's the end of April through mid June). I'm stoked to visit all the famous English tailors, live in the V&A, go to the Costume Museum in Bath and try to track down SRK while he films in Berlin.

Marth and I have also decided that we need to come in for an hour or so every Saturday (after the holidays) to practice our draping. I had high hopes for some personal projects this semester, but I haven't gotten to them.

I'm taking the Jewelry and Armor and History of Eastern Costume grad courses next semester!

I think I've decided on Theatre for grad school, and am very drawn to the Boston area, esp BU. Whether or not I'll work out of my undergrad I don't know, but I want to get out to Boston ASAP.

Only 3 more semesters then I'll have my Bachelor's in Theatre Arts Studies w/ my emphasis in Costume Design (w/ perhaps a Make Up emphasis).

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Neutrals 101

There are three primary neutrals; black, blue (of the dark and navy variety) and brown. There are very specific rules as to with what you can wear each. These rules are either not known by many, or ignored. If you perpetrate the latter, you are a fiend. If you fall under the former category, here is a quick rundown of the Rules of Neutrals.

1)Under no circumstances are black and blue to be worn together.
2)Under no circumstances are black and brown to be worn together.
3)Blue and brown may be worn together.

Ex. If you wear a navy sweater, you must wear brown accessories (belt, socks, and shoes).
If you wear a black sweater, you must wear black accessories.

In their own category are the Power Neutrals, namely olive, grey (including charcoal), and khaki. These can be worn with any of the Primary Neutrals, however it's preferable NOT to wear black with khaki. While this is technically not breaking any rules, it is a tad outdated in my opinion.

men: match your belts with your shoes and your socks with your pants.
Blue denim does not count as a Primary Neutral, it is a Power Neutral. An entry on wearing denim with denim should follow.

I have a much more extensive and strict list of rules associated w/ Neutrals, but I'll spare you.