Sunday, April 29, 2012

Helping a friend

Ok, I wouldn't normally do this, but I'm askin' for help for a friend! Go to and vote for couple #4 so my friend can have her dream wedding. You have literally like 27 hours to do so. Either watch their YouTube video or put it on mute and let it run bc the tie breaker is video views!! Do me this solid and JUST DO IT!!! Thanks!!!

PS I promise my posts will get better when I'm back to my normal routine.

Friday, April 27, 2012


I just watched this trailer for the movie called Hick with the bratty girl from 30 Rock. It's about a girl from Palmyra, Nebraska hitchhiking to Las Vegas. Everyone in the trailer has a "hick" accent closer to Southern. There are no Southern accents on the way to Vegas from Nebraska unless you're in the Dixie part of Utah. Nebraskans don't have accents. We have "the" American accent, that's why telephone survey companies love us, dummies.

Wikipedia says we have the Standard or General American accent, Palmyra from Hick is included in this zone.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Have you seen this show? Bc it's the BEST. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is on TLC and follows Irish travellers and Romany gypsies throughout ceremonial times of their lives, confirmation, weddings, and festivals. It's GREAT. Things you should know:

Modern gypsies are like old-timey gypsies only they live in trailers (caravans).
Some modern gypsies still rock a huge barrel wagon.
Some gypsies ride their wagons but have their wives drive their cars to them so they can make them dinner.
Some gypsies are loaded. Paddy that's on the show buys a new car every year.
Some gypsies live in houses, I'm still not sure how that works.
Gypsy men make their living by traveling around and doing roofing and pavement work and the like.
Gypsy women stay home and clean, all day long.
Gypsy couples meet at wedding receptions and are strictly chaperoned until they get married.
Gypsy girls don't drink until they're married.
Gypsies tend to marry very young.
Gypsy women have THE BEST style, which is really why you watch the show. Wedding dresses, confirmation dresses, party outfits for toddlers, it's all great!

palm tree bride and friend for bachelorette party
the "royal wedding" episode
"Spanish" inspired dress
bride and her best friend/maid of honor/cousin
a limo is always the wrong choice
gypsy beauty pageant
aaaaaaand the cat dress.

  Season 2 has been running on TLC on Friday nights. My Big Fat AMERICAN Gypsy Wedding starts this Friday. I don't think it'll be as great as the UK version, but you know I'm still going to devour it!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

KCACTF Nationals

So I just got done with the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Nationals for my Peter Pan design. I met a ton of amazing new friends and had a whirl wind time with them in D.C. We spent almost all of our time in work shops with G. W. Mercier, a very talented costume designer. Frankly, I'm pooped!!!

looking so tired while I present my work
What did I win you ask? Not the KCACTF excellence in costume design award, but I did  win the National Partners American Theatre National Design Excellence Award which means they picked me from all the designers; costumes, lights, sound, and scenic, to go to SEOUL SOUTH KOREA for a week to basically take in the sites! They work with an arts school there that I'll be working with, but really I'll get to see traditional dances, palaces, the silk trade. I'm going with a woman from NAPAT and a translator for a week in Seoul! WOW! It's rather surreal! Of course I have the next six months of my life planned, but she said she usually likes to go over Thanksgiving so that's PERFECT! How crazy is this?!

I'm now with family friend Becky for a couple of days until my sister gets back into town. Tomorrow is museums with bestie Sarah! I'm SO  excited to museum it up! SO excited!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bald Guys

Titanic: Ep 2&3 everyone survived, minus Mrs. Bates and Paulo, which was dumb, the Paulo part. everyone survived, even Linus Roaches that went into the water and Toby Jones. We basically followed all the people that are pulled from the water or were on the overturned boat...kind of lame.
-Second Officer Lightoller is my hero.
-When was the last time we saw Captain Smith?
-I guess the American boy died, that was sad. I liked him enough.
-So...the Irish wife that wasn't Mrs. Bates was in love with the Russian revolutionary before the boat? And he died...and her husband and daughter died.
-I feel like I know who lived and I guess everyone else died, but not seeing them die made me not really care...
-The third episode with Annie and Paulo was my favorite.
-Finally we saw Molly Brown.
-I really only ended up caring about Annie/Paulo and the valet and the lady's maid. And I wanted Linus Roache to live.

I feel like overall this could have been great with a couple more episodes to really flesh some people out. I guess we got a nice taste, and at the end of the day I liked the patchwork quality of it all, but it just needed a little more. Not sad I watched it, but not really obsessed with is.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Titanic: Ep 1&2

Some very quick notes about the first two episodes of Julian Fellowes' Titanic:
how are anyone's hips that narrow?
-I know that's Linus Roache's real accent, but it just seems strange...
-Lady Georgiana is nowhere near as likable as Sybil, and somehow has narrower hips than Mary!
-I think Lady G is just plain annoying.
-Also, Lady G kissing Philadelphia boy is going on the worst kiss list: There was literal sucking happening, like she was sucking at his lower lip, ack.
-The lighting for the first episode sure makes all the wigs and lips look strange.
-I like the way Titanic 1997 handles J.J. Astor and Gugenheim better, somehow this one just seems like it's cramming people in.
-Low budget or design choice to have first class in terrible browns and drabness?
-White Star china, nice touch.
-Stephen Campbell Moore or Victor Garber as Mr. Andrews the ships designer? I like them both.
-Ismay is not the bad guy in this one. Captain Smith is the one making all the demands for speed? Interesting Mr. Fellowes. From interviews I've been listening to this week survivors say neither were to blame.
-This version does mention the Californian which was visible (some say they could see the men aboard her) and less than 10 miles away from Titanic when she hit and started sinking, which is absolutely heartbreaking.
-Don't worry, Officer Lightoller survives, I listened to his interviews.
-Who's the large Italian man that found the Irish engineer's son?
-The nice stewardess w/ the bad hair is Doctor Who's new companion.
-I want the wenchy lady's maid (the lady is wenchy, not the lady's maid) and the valet to get together, but they won't because he's going to die.
-Is there some thievery with the lady's maid?
-They're all going to die, except the ladies, Lightoller, Ismay, and Officer Boxhall (who you don't really know, but he was mentioned, and I listened to his interviews, so he survived).
-There are too many people to follow and I'm not getting attached to many.
-The Mrs. Bates/Toby Jones scenario is such a whirlwind of frustration and not enough back story for me to really care to follow.
-Can Mrs. Bates play anything but the horrible wife?
-You like how I call her Mrs. Bates even though this isn't Downton Abbey?
-Where's Molly Brown?
-The whole "starts sinking at the end of every episode but from a different point of view" is nice in theory, but really rather strange. The first episode seemed to jump straight to Sunday, the second one not so much.
-I still feel like there are 500 people we've been introduced to that we'll have to see the stories off, but there are only two more episodes.

That's it for now. I'll watch the last two episodes tomorrow. Don't you fret! You can watch them too! 

Fantastic BBC archive of Titanic interviews. Officers Lightoller and Boxhall and fashion writer Edith Russell are esp interesting.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


It might come as a shock, since I blab so much on here, and have a facebook and a Pinterest and countless other places to express myself, but I journal, everyday. I have done since May 2003. Barring nights with migraines, I have a journal entry for everyday for nine years.

Members of my church are encouraged to journal as we are a record keeping people (seeing as the scriptures that the world reads are essentially a divinely inspired journal). I'm not saying my journal should be seen as scripture, but it sure is helpful to me and can be helpful to my children and posterity later.

But let's put the future of my journal aside. Journaling is a wonderful way to vent at the end of the day, organize your thoughts and feelings, record funny/touching things that have happened, record not so great things as to avoid them later, say what you really want to say that you might not want to online or aloud, just scribble something because you're so so tired.

Some of my entries are very long, some are literally almost illegible: "I'm SO tired, going to bed". What do I write about? Anything. Sometimes it's a rundown of my day, describing someone I met, reviewing a book or a movie, ranting about boys (don't lie single ladies, you would too), talking about my future plans, talking about what happened in the past. Journal topics rarely don't come easily to me, but I've often heard that that's an issue for some. Mostly I'm pretty full of myself and like to reread what I have to say so I have no qualms about blabbing, but I think more modest and humble types might not feel comfortable dedicating a whole volume to themselves.

I highly recommend journaling, so here're my tips on how to get started:

Get a journal or open a word document on your computer.
I experimented with computer journaling a little in my younger years, but sharing a family computer put that to an end, and I just haven't picked it up since I got my laptop. The one warning about computer journaling I guess would be to make sure you back it up.

Handwritten journaling I think is fun because I can see my attitude and personality through my handwriting. I can tell when I was really tired or really deliberate and it's come to my attention over the years that I've developed a handwriting just for my journaling that I don't really use anywhere else. Handwriting also encourages you to really formulate your ideas before you write them down so you're not crossing things out. You can free write and ignore punctuation etc, get a journal w/o lines and just go to town with a pencil, but if we're talking about posterity here I'd recommend a more coherent journal with a pen that won't bleed or fade. I use a ballpoint.

I've used these journals since almost the beginning. They're available through my church and come in all sorts of sizes. They have family trees in the beginning, and are very simple inside. I choose to change colors at major life changes of my life. Middle school and high school in red, navy for undergraduate, and now I'm onto brown in my in between years. Not sure what the next life change will be to switch my color again.

Pick a time to write:
I prefer to write at the same time everyday, right before bed. It's a part of my routine and it works for me. If you don't want to write daily maybe make it a Sunday afternoon activity. If you really want a regular journal I can't stress having a specific time to write enough. If you don't care about it being irregular and patchy then journal whenever you feel like it, but ideas will be the freshest and in the greatest detail right after the fact. I can't tell you how many past entries surprise me with facts I don't remember anymore.

Like I said, I've never really had too much trouble finding things to write about. Maybe for your very first entry write about why you've chosen to start keeping a journal. You can write about your day, your family, your friends, your crushes, your spouse, your kids, your school work, the weather, your dreams, you vacations, anything really. I've been meaning to use journal prompts lately to get some more variety in my journaling. Here's a couple of sites with journal starters.

I reread my entries almost immediately. I check for grammar etc, because I do plan on sharing some entries with my children, and when I'm gone they'll be fair game. Other than checking for grammar and spelling I reread my journals fairly often. I like to flip through my current volume to get a feel for my personal progression in the past couple of months. I like to keep the last volume with me for a gauge of my year. The rest of my 15 volumes I keep at my parents' house. I've never had an issue with privacy so they're on my shelves. I was home recently and they were an invaluable resource while writing my The Remains of the Day entry. Other than looking up specific events they're also good to flip through for old times sake. One day when I'm married I'm going to have the best record of meeting and dating my hubby. Who knows! Maybe he's already in there and I don't know it!

Be you!
I do intend for my journals to be read someday, but for now they're just for me and so I write absolutely from the gut. If I want my children and grandchildren to know me and learn from my triumphs and mistakes I have to lay them out how they happened. Sometimes this isn't fun, and I have avoided recording certain things, but it really helps everyone in the long run if we're honest with our journaling and ourselves.

Gosh, this is a long entry, and I didn't mean to rant, but I just love journaling and try to get everyone I know to do it! If you've journaled and have stopped then pick it up again! Like I said, I've journaled for 9 years everyday through high school when I thought my life was busy and in college when I know my life was busy, and I'll journal through grad school and parenthood when I know I'll be busier than I've every been. My life is never so in order, even through the chaos, as when I journal. It's the busy times when I write lame entries that have been the craziest and horrible. You can do it! Just do it!

Here's a blog with a lot of journaling topics, some that differ in opinion from me, but you might agree with!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nicole Kidman playing Grace Kelly, why not Charlize Theron?

Nicole Kidman it has been reported will play Princess Grace in an upcoming movie about Kelly's life in the early 60s. Yes, Nicole Kidman is pretty, but Grace Kelly was the most beautiful woman in the world, and I can't really think of anyone that has topped her since, barring Charlize Theron, whom I've thought of for years as the contemporary Grace Kelly. I don't know what motivations were behind casting Kidman to play Kelly, but hopefully you all agree with me that Theron has more of the staggering and delicate beauty of Princess Grace.
a younger Kidman
The fairest of them all
so very pretty
Princess Grace in 1963
Side note: Are we supposed to believe that Kristen Stewart in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman has the potential to be fairer than Charlize Theron? Pah-leez.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Epic of Finding Shelby's Phone!

OK, here we go. For those of you who are my Facebook friends I'm sure you're glad this entry will be the end of all my fb rants about losing my phone.

So, I saw Titanic on Tuesday night and remember seeing my phone at 11:35pm after the movie. In my mind this was in the parking lot where I dropped off my friend at her car on campus, making me 99% certain the phone was in my car or the house. On Wednesday I combed my car and cleaned my room, but no dice. I called the movie theatre lost and found, but they said they didn't have it. I doubted that it wasn't there a little since I described my phone totally wrong, and of course realized that I have no idea what my phone actually looks like. Do you know what yours looks like?

Now I've lost my phone before, for DAYS and not cared, and missed no phone calls. This time I didn't want to wait that long as I had some text convos in the air and this is my 3rd phone in 18 months and yada yada. I went to bed on Wednesday rather discouraged, but certain I would find it eventually, and hopefully soon.

Thursday dawned and I had not magically dreamt of my phone's location. I had already wasted Wednesday and was hoping I wouldn't waste my Thursday as well. I went over my car again, I moved everything in my room to the left, I unpacked and repacked my suitcases (from which I've been living for almost 5 months). I sat in my car, just sat for minutes hoping something would come to me. Nothing. My sister called the theatre and had them dig through the 3D glasses, because yes, I would probably absent mindedly drop them in with my glasses and not notice. The time of 11:35pm we realized was when I checked my phone in the theatre, making the movie theatre a viable option again. I drove to the theatre and asked them about the phone, this time with a better description, but no dice, and they wouldn't let me go "upstairs" to see the possible phones.

ENTER SPRINT: Sister suggested we call the phone company and see if they had any special stuff like the guys on NCIS or any other some such show that tracks people by triangulating and so forth. Called Sprint, asked them exactly that "Lost my phone, do you have any TV type technology like on crime shows?". They did! Well, it's called Family Locator and is used to track your kids, but there was a 15 day trial I could sign up for, and DID! My sister and I waited with baited breath to see where my phone was. I hoped it was at the movie theatre so I could go back and show them the GPS and have them show me the lost and found phones. It wasn't, where was it you ask? In/near an office building across town from where I lost it!

Ug, I called said office building told them it was in the NE corner of the building, but no one said anything about finding a phone. They were very helpful, but bottom line was there was really no way of finding my phone. My sister woke up the kids from their naps, packed them in the car, and were off! I'm not really sure what we thought we'd do when we got there. We kept reloading the Family Locator on my sister's phone which is super fancy. It was on the move! We watched it travel to an apartment complex once we were almost to the office building. Her phone gave us the complex, but not a building so we parked there and I used the main office's wifi to get more detail on my computer. The office people were very interested in the phone tracker and were very helpful.

By now brother-in-law had showed up so he and I knocked on doors of the building the tracker led us to, down to the side of the building. There were 6 possible apartments it could be in, the tracker putting a circle on this side of this particular building. None of the guys in those apts said they knew anything, we were suspicious. I went back to the office building for more wifi and the tracker got even more specific. It had moved a little into the parking lot. When I went back to show my brother-in-law he was standing by a car with my phone in the front passenger's seat, exactly where the tracker had moved! This stuff is good!

We took photos of the parking permit and again the office lady was very nice. She called the owner (didn't give us his info like a good landlady) and left him a message. When he didn't answer or call for a while brother-in-law went back to the apt and knocked all the doors asking ab the car. Meanwhile sister called the police to see if they could help at all. Right before the cops were about to submit the police report and send out some uniforms my brother-in-law found the owner of the car. He was baffled, but very cordial and nice. Here's how it went:

"Do you own this car?"
"Did you happen to find a blue and black Sprint cell phone a couple nights ago?"
"Do you mind if we could get it back?"
"Oh yeah! Let me get my keys...(walking to car) did you find me?"
"GPS baby!"

He told us he was surprised to find a phone in the movie theatre parking lot and we explained how we found him. He was amazed we'd found him bc he hadn't called anybody about the phone yet. He gave us the phone and we were on our merry way. Now let me rant a little.


I mean, come on, common finder's courtesy. If you find a phone you call "dad" or "home" or whomever they called last and tell them you found the phone. Geesh!

But now I have my phone and Mr. Darcy IV is safe and sound.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Titanic in 3D!

As a reward to myself for getting my display boards done for the comp I'm going to I went to Titanic with my sister and friend. When it first came out I was in 3rd grade and wasn't allowed to see it. I have no memory of wanting to see it, so this was fine. Around middle school it became apparent that everyone my age was finally being allowed to see it so I got permission to watch it at a sleepover if I fast forwarded through the naughty bits. Since then I watch it whenever it's on TV regardless of what time it started. Roommate and I stayed up until 2 one Friday bc we happened upon Titanic at 11:30! I wouldn't say I'm a Titanic fanatic as some are, but I recognize that it's an epic film, it has great costumes, and the characters don't annoy me, so why not watch it?

I was SUPER excited to see it in the theatres though. I'm a big believer in cinema magic. If Gone With the Wind came out to theatre again (which it does in select cities sometimes), I'd be ALL OVER that. I was excited for the huge screen and the remastering and all that jazz, the 3D, not so much. It takes my brain quite awhile to get use to 3D every time I see a 3D movie, and I feel like it doesn't add much to a lot of films.

Things about Titanic in the theatre and in 3D:
:-:Such big costumes! I esp like the yellow dress with all the tawny braid work on the blouse, so great THAT BIG and HD!
:-:For being filmed before HD cameras, the hair pieces really stand the test of time. I know for sure there were at least 3 main character wigs, but I can't tell. If fake facial hair was used I couldn't tell, it was all really high quality even at those sizes!
:-:Make up is always the first to give a film away, and in Titanic's case, it's really just the lips for now. 
:-:The computer generated people when they scan the boat at the beginning of the voyage are really obvious.
:-:The 3D was fine, and not really all that special. It was mostly used to add depth to scenes with groups of people standing and talking. It was kind of annoying when there were blurry objects in the foreground, but we were paying attention to the background. Dangling equipment in the subs comes to mind. Other than that, I took my glasses off often and the screen looked just the same.
:-:Titanic is WAY more traumatic at cinema scale. I like Jack and Rose fine, but I know how that's all going to end so I'm not too terribly invested in them. It's when people start bouncing off propellers etc that I get really worked up. By the last half hour seeing life sized people flying around got to be a little overwhelming.
:-:I'm super happy that I went to Titanic in the theatre bc now I can say that I have seen it all the way through, beginning to end with the naughty bits.

This YouTube parody is THE BEST:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Downton Abbey 3 Info!

Thank you Tellyspotting!

Downton 3 is 9 months away! I can do it, I can do it!
SPOILERS (but good ones)
Rebecca Eaton, Exec Prod of Masterpieces says...

It’s the 1920s now. Somebody will be born, and somebody will die — somebody pretty key in the cast, unfortunately, is not going to make it”.
Sybil's going to have her baby, duh. Granny will die, that's my guess, I already called that way back when. If they're stopping at 3, which I hope they do (Maggie Smith and Dan Stevens haven't signed on for 4), it'd make sense to kill Granny as a heart wrenching turn of events. She's old and if they're not worried about surviving through a 4th w/o her, why not?

There are some wonderful scenes between Maggie and Shirley MacLaine,” Eaton says. “Shirley MacLaine being as ditzy as ever…and Maggie barely restraining her sneer in having to deal with this ‘American’,” she says.
I can't wait for this!!!

Matthew and Mary do get married.”
That's all I needed to know.

Going through withdrawals like me? reminisce a bit

Also, I've hit 40,000 page views! Yipee! Now, would you do me a solid and help me get to 50,000 by recommending me to a friend, rereading some of your favorites, or posting something to Pinterest? My "Favorite Pictures" are rather nice. Find something you like and pin that sucker. Everything on Pinterest from here was mostly pinned by me...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Best Dance Dresses

FAVORITE dance dress:
"The Piccolino" from Top Hat on Ginger Rogers
Youtube it, neither of the videos are embeddable.

so sparkly and pretty!

"Dancing in the Dark" from Band Wagon on Cyd Charisse
not the most extravagant, but it dances like a dream.
like a dream

"It Only Happens When I Dance With You" from Easter Parade on Ann Miller
ombre and feathers!!!!
1912 it's not, beautiful it is!

"The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing" from White Christmas on Vera Ellen

"Dancing Cheek to Cheek" from Top Hat on Ginger Rogers
ostrich feathers, that is all.
Fred hated this dress, and it was parodied in Easter Parade

There are more of course, but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. The Piccolino dress is my favorite dress!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

wishlist: Steve Maddens

Last night I walked through the new City Creek mall in Salt Lake City which is AMAZING. I strolled through all touristy-like until I passed the Steve Madden store and had to go in to see these beauties:


Caballero by Freebird By Steve Madden,  $495.










It's like boot with a horse blanket!!! GAH! SO GREAT!

The whole store kept me very satisfied for quite awhile and smelled like lovely delicious leather, but not the overpowering chemical/polish smell you get from a leather goods store, just the faint and lovely smell of buttery animal hide.

Doctor Who RPG- College Humor review

Here's a fun little animation by College Humor reviewing the 11th Doctor's series in anticipation for series 7 and the 50th anniversary on 11/23/13. Found it on Tellyspotting, which I've mentioned before and is frankly an invaluable British TV blog written by the VP of TV Programming at Dallas' PBS. He's behind the PBS station that was the first to air Monty Python in the US! He's got some great insight.

Anydoctorwho, check out his blog, but don't stop reading mine!

Animation has SPOILERS!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Couture

I don't get a new Easter dress this year, but I thought I'd dream a little and pick at least one dress from each Spring 2012 Couture show. I'm not raving about all of them, but I decided I had to choose one from each, some wouldn't load, so there you go. I added some Oscar de la Renta, which isn't a couturier, but de la Renta is just so feminine.

Alexis Mabille
Armani Prive
Bouchra Jarrar
Christian Dior
Christian Dior
Elie Saab
Elie Saab
Elie Saab
Giambattisa Valli
Maxime Simeons
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

People my age will eventually be the last surviving people to remember...

when Titanic came out the first time
Reading Rainbow
Bill Nye
recording onto a VHS
library catalogs on cards
hard copy Encyclopedias
before the Snuggy
green computer screens
Walkmans and CD players
land lines
before reality TV
the TV guide channel being used as a TV guide
when CSI premiered
when Hugh Laurie was just in Stuart Little and 101 Dalmations
life before Harry Potter
when only little girls wore leggings
developing film
when Disney made animated films
before 3D
not being able to purchase everything online
dial up
when iMacs came out

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Fashion!

In honor of General Conference I thought I'd address the #1 fashion topic of the weekend: The MoTab Dresses! A lot has been said about the dresses and none of it is really all that flattering, but come on, you try dressing 200 women! I found a great article about the dresses of the MoTab on their official site. The choir has nine dress styles that are designed to last 20 years! Some of these dresses I haven't been able to find pictures of, assuming they're on their way out. Five volunteers are in charge of everything. When new members come along they have to fit old dresses or make new ones. The dresses may be rather shapeless, but I've never seen a wrinkle or a pucker, so good job ladies! When a new dress is designed 2000 yds of fabric is purchased, using 1,100 yds for the first batch of dresses with the extra for future gowns. It takes the 5 volunteers 5 months to make an entirely new set of dresses. The dresses are floor length so they don't have to provide matching shoes too! I used to be one of the many that disparaged the MoTab dresses, but I have mad respect for them now. They come in fuchsia, blue, cream, raspberry, black, lilac, turquoise, rose, and aqua.

cream, can't remember ever having seen this one
raspberry, I think the newest design, and my favorite.
 I can't find pictures of black and lilac is very small, and I don't know the difference between turquoise and aqua, but I can't find one of them...
the only lilac I could find.
either turquoise or aqua
I vaguely recall rose...

So there you have it, a fasion review of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir dresses, maybe I'll do an entry on ties for the October conference!