Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More things about me men should find attractive...

I'm not a big sweater.
I can make a bed with hospital corners.
I can reach tall shelves.
I know when to use "whom" and "who".
I have a passport.
I have light arm hair.
I always carry stamps.
I'm really swell at public transport. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

I saw him first!

Just so you all remember, I saw them first!
David Tennant
He Knew He Was Right
Daniel Craig
A Kid In King Arthur's Court
Hugh Dancy
Daniel Deronda
Richard Armitage
North and South
Gerard Butler
Lara Croft
Tom Hardy
The Virgin Queen
Benedict Cumberbatch
To the Ends of the Earth
JJ Feild
Nicholas Nickleby
Tom Hiddleston
Nicholas Nickleby
Hugh Bonneville
Mansfield Park
Jonny Lee Miller
Mansfield Park
Dan Stevens
Sense and Sensibility

That's David Tennant before Harry Potter, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller before Sherlocks, Hugh Bonneville and Dan Stevens before Downton, Tom Hardy before Baine and Tom Hiddleston before Loki. I concede that most of you probably know Richard Armitage from North and South, but how many of you knew of this film 18 months before its BBC release and had your sister record it on VHS then send it to you in California where you were living for the summer and upon receiving it you watched it straight through even though you'd just gotten back from a week of girls' camp in the wilderness and hadn't showered? I didn't think so.

Yes, I am aware of my obsessive and competitive tendencies. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Opening Night Dress 2013: Oh, this old thing?

I have been working on it, I promise! I actually just need to hem the sleeves, fill in the beading and figure out the train/belt. Best thing about this dress? No zipper.

We don't yet know when the party's going to be, but we do know I'll be overdressed!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I've Been Up To

In the past month I've...

--moved back down to Cedar City
--started my job as Costume Design Assistant/Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor/gopher
--reconnected with lots of friends!
--learned I really want a Mac
--leased an apt for grad school
--gotten very excited for en suite laundry in said apartment 
--joined the gym and started a training routine 
--gained the last three pounds to get be back to my pre-winter weight
--spent almost every night on my porch with amazing friends
--worked on my dress enough to think I can have all but the rebeading done by the end of this Saturday
--gone down to St. George for a nice Temple night
--had oh so many Crunchy Italian Salads from the Pub

So that's what you get. I need to start blogging again for my own sanity if nothing else. The gym helps with that though...