Friday, August 31, 2012

Corset photos

Here they are! Photos of my corset, and proof that make up is God's gift to women.
I can get down to 22 7/8", but I'd say here I'm laced closer to 23 1/8".

My high left hip torques the whole thing

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Utah Accent

After 5 years in Utah with mostly linguistic friends I've become acutely aware of the Utah accent and horror or horrors I slip into it when I get really tired (or "relly turd"). The confusing thing about the Utah accent is a lot of the pronunciations are other words so sentences such as "How did sailing feel?" turns into "How did selling fill?" confusing...I once saw a guy do a stand up bit on the accent and kept saying "real meal deal" over and over "rell mell dill". I'd say it's sixes on whether or not they use an "e" or an "i" to replace hard vowels. Love it.

feel--fell or fill

what the heck

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Application to Court Me



Are you Mormon?

If no, would you like to talk to some friends of mine?

Degree(s) acquired:


On a scale of Tom Cruise to Will Smith, how important is it that you're taller than me?


Languages you speak:

Number of children desired:

Which Bluth chicken impression do you most identify with?

On a scale of Kenneth Parcel to Jack Donaghy how awesome are you?

Do you wear black and navy together?

Do you wear pleated pants?

Can you tie your own tie?

Do you prefer a full Windsor or a half Windsor?

Complete the following sentence: "Go Big _____"

On a scale of "uncontrolled blushing" to "popping out cartoon eyes" how do you feel about the fact that I get strangers real naked real fast in the dark?

What was the last play and/or musical you saw?

How often do you wear flip flops? (circle one) NEVER    SOMETIMES   ALWAYS/I'M TOO LAZY TO WEAR REAL SHOES

Do you know how to train dogs?

On a scale of Bob Ewel to Atticus Finch how good of a father are you/do you see yourself being?

Have you ever been in a fist fight?

Which character from The Great Escape are you? The Sandlot? Downton Abbey?

What are your thoughts on Uma Thurman?

When in a museum do you?
a)     just use the bathroom and leave
b)     browse the exhibits, reading what is interesting
c)     read everything there is to read

Word association:
          diapers  ________
          laundry  ________
          vacuum  ________
          Russell Crowe  ________

On a scale of Errol Flynn to Tom Selleck, rank your moustache growing ability.

Have you ever kicked a door down?

Write me a poem, haikus not accepted.

What’s your favorite book?

What’s your first memory?

What’s your favorite Doctor Who episode?

Which of these numbers makes you most uncomfortable? 28, 17, 65

In your opinion is Peter Pan a delightful imp or unfeeling kidnapper?

Are you punctual?

I was the prettiest newborn ever, TRUE or TRUE

On a scale of MILK to MELK, how Utah is your accent?

Superman or Batman?

What percentage of pre 2003 episodes of The Simpsons have you seen?

Which Disney pet are you?

Do you have grey in your hair and/or beard?

Do you grow a red beard?

Do you have dimples?

On a scale of Javert to Valjean describe your feelings on redemption.

Please spell the following phonetically:
Christian Lacroix

What song would you dedicate to me at karaoke?

If you and your roommates found a baby on your doormat would hilarity ensue?

What are your feelings on star gazing?

What is your spirit animal?

Please facebook message, email, or deliver this application in person with an autographed self portrait of yourself. If submitting a hard copy please print legibly and spray your cologne of choice on the application a la Legally Blonde

Things I'm bad at:

raising one eyebrow
spotting turns
cooking chicken
left turns
parallel parking
sleeping with my mouth closed
taking pictures
staying moisturized
sneezing quietly

and obviously taking pictures of myself

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nellie McKay

totally going to have hair like that soooooon!
Friend Matt tipped me off to Nellie McKay who's got this old-timey, zany feel about her that I like. She's got a Doris Day tribute album, Normal as Blueberry Pie which is fantastic. I'm still going through her other albums which are on the zanier side. Spotify her.

Here's a vid Matt sent me:

Title track to PS I Love You

I love The Very Thought of You:

Monday, August 27, 2012

73 Reasons to Visit NYC

Ok, so I might not have 73 reasons to visit NYC, but I have a lot, and here are some of them...

1. Bestie Sarah has just moved to NYC for school and so I NEED to see her!
2. Other costuming and acting friends are moving to NYC and I want to visit them.
3. The Met.
4. MoMA
5. Guggenheim
6. New York History Museum
7. Whitney Museum
9. Fashion district.
10. mass transportation, will make me feel like I'm in London again?
11. SNL is in New York!
12. isn't Dan Stevens in The Heiress on Broadway soon....
13. Broadway and Off-Broadway (similar to PLAYS and MUSICALS!!!)
14. big city with interesting people to watch
15. Lincoln Center

I'm thinking a trip is in order for springtime.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shakespeare's Sonnets iPad App

I do not have an iPad, but thanks to Hugh Bonneville and his prolific Twitter account I stumbled upon an iPad app with famous people reciting Shakepeare's sonnets. YES!

David Tennant Sonnet 12

Stephen Fry Sonnet 130 (My mistress' eyes...)

Patrick Stewart Sonnet 116

Monday, August 6, 2012

New (old) Project: Cross over party dress

Remember this? Well I haven't managed my time well and I don't have the money for all the bias silk and yada yada I'm making do with what I have and I'm excited! I draped and patterned the bodice on Saturday and finished the skirt pattern and did the mock up this afternoon. I need to add length at the shoulders is what I'm guessing. I need to make the bodice longer? surprise surprise. I did add quite a bit already though, so it is a little surprising.

 I have the luxury of lots of costume people around so I'll get some MFA friend of mine to do a fitting. We start building Hamlet next week so I'll try to get this done after hours by the end of this week...which probably won't work, but we'll see!

Just a simple dress bc I'm using the fabric on the left that I bought awhile ago with the bodice and the skirt going different directions.

Women I'm told I look like

Alright, let's try and blog regularly again, shall we?

I've been told I look like these women. Judy Greer is most common, I think bc she's got rippin' bags under her eyes like me. Cate Blanchett is second most suggested and Glenne Headly is a recent suggestion but "you're prettier than her of course".

At the end of the day I think it's the ball nose that's the common factor.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

This entry brought to you by my mother

My mom Skyped me to get my new email address (not new, she just had the old one I shut down). About a minute later I got 18 emails with the following photos. This is what my mom thinks I think is interesting, she's pretty spot on. Thanks mom!!!

any captions are the subject of the email

"For Ashley, if she loved the Doctor"

"just weird" amen mom

"say amen" A-to-the-men

"stop drooling"
"really, stop drooling"
I've gotta give it to Star Trek for the win, it cracks me up.