Sunday, April 22, 2012

KCACTF Nationals

So I just got done with the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Nationals for my Peter Pan design. I met a ton of amazing new friends and had a whirl wind time with them in D.C. We spent almost all of our time in work shops with G. W. Mercier, a very talented costume designer. Frankly, I'm pooped!!!

looking so tired while I present my work
What did I win you ask? Not the KCACTF excellence in costume design award, but I did  win the National Partners American Theatre National Design Excellence Award which means they picked me from all the designers; costumes, lights, sound, and scenic, to go to SEOUL SOUTH KOREA for a week to basically take in the sites! They work with an arts school there that I'll be working with, but really I'll get to see traditional dances, palaces, the silk trade. I'm going with a woman from NAPAT and a translator for a week in Seoul! WOW! It's rather surreal! Of course I have the next six months of my life planned, but she said she usually likes to go over Thanksgiving so that's PERFECT! How crazy is this?!

I'm now with family friend Becky for a couple of days until my sister gets back into town. Tomorrow is museums with bestie Sarah! I'm SO  excited to museum it up! SO excited!


  1. Congrats Shelby!!! That is so awesome!!

  2. You're a rock star!! Congratulations on all of your hard work paying off!

  3. That's awesome!!!! And Seoul is amazing. :D

  4. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy South Korea!