Friday, December 18, 2009

trendi: grey jeans

About four years ago I bought a pair of 4 long grey pants from the Gap for $15. I love these pants. They are casual enough to wear like jeans, but dressy enough for dates. They are my favorites, but will be on their last leg in the near future.

Enter the actual trend for grey pants, namely jeans. When I bought these pants four years ago there was not even a whiff of grey for denim, but it's everywhere now and I LOVE it!! Because my precious, old, reliable greys were fading I've been on the prowl for replacements. I love these pants b/c they're not denim, but they're slim, not like dress slacks. After looking many many places w/ no dice I returned to my precious Gap to find grey jeans. At first I didn't think that denim could replace my wonderful pants, but I got them anyway and between my grey pants, grey jeans and navy skinny denim jeans I hardly wear blue jeans anymore.

What's so great about grey jeans? They're GREY!! Grey is a Power Neutral, so I can wear whatever other Primary Neutral I want with it! Oh man, I love grey so much!! That's basically it, besides the fact that Gap makes excellent, sturdy and comfortable jeans, which in this instance happened to be sized by waist, which is great. I wish all girls pants were sized like men's, but we can blog about that later.

Meanwhile, the best dressed boys I know where grey jeans, yummmmm.

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  1. SPD wears grey jeans. It's fantastic.
    I really want a pair, but I'm just not sure what shade of gray would work with my skin tone...sigh