Sunday, September 6, 2009

trendi: slouchy and vneck tees

I've always wanted to keep a photo diary of trendi things (I want to be lame and use an "i"), so this is the perfect place, henna? (Hindi for "right?" or "isn't it?" or "ok?")

I LOVE slouchy tees recently, mostly on girls, but sometimes on guys. With lower necks than the average tee they are a nice substitute to the classic, chokes you lots neckline. As we can see w/ Mr. Blue however, the slouchy/vneck tee trend has gone a little overboard and can get v. uncomfortable, even if the wearer isn't an emaciated hipster. However, when a fine balance between slouchy tee and glorious man neck is achieved we attain Zac Efron status (above). The jury's still out on our good friend Arjun Rampal (below). And while I love SRK to ribbons, he's getting a tad old for this look in the extreme, but in moderation he rocks it.

Yay oder Nay: when applied correctly YAY


  1. Had you posted this a few weeks ago I would have been completely against Zac Efron, but he grew on me after watching 17 Again. He is still too pretty for my liking, but he does look good in that shirt.

  2. Ugh, Iain (SPD) wore a vneck tee the other day. To be fair, I did see him in the grocery store, not in lab, but it was still quite odd.

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