Friday, December 16, 2011

Things I'm going to watch over Christmas:

Christmas break is a great time to rewatch favorites and watch movies you haven't seen before. Here's my short (haha) list of my Christmas plans.

Jane Eyre 2011 (just bought it with birthday money)
Lark Rise to Candleford (friend Jane is on the 2nd season!)
Emma 2009 (just bought it used)
Om Shanti Om (friend Jane needs an intro to Bwood)
Harry Potter 7.2 (just decided I need to see it)
Doctor Who (series 1, never actually seen the Chris Eccelston series...)
Robin Hood (Russell Crowe, because it's been...a couple of months)
Pride and Prejudice 2005 (just feel like it)
Downton Abbey (I know PBS is reairing series 1 before series 2 but I can watch it on Netflix!)
Star Trek (this is a maybe, I have a hankerin' for Zach Quinto)
All my stories (I'm almost caught up with all my shows)


  1. You've never seen Chris Eccelston????

  2. Awesome!

    1. Like it a lot. Fassbender is beautiful.
    2. Who is Jane in the second season?
    3. Do you mean the 2009 version of Emma?
    4. Love Bollywood!
    5. Make sure you are emotionally prepared--I was shocked by how much it hit me.
    6. Chris is fantastic! But different from Tennant.
    7. Robin Hood, really? Watch the BBC TV version. Guy of Gisbourne is fantastic.
    8. Sometimes that music is enough to fix your day.
    9. Cannot wait for Season 2!!!
    10. Tentatively eager for the next one.
    11. I totally need to catch up with all my shows.

    Love your list!

  3. Kangaroo:
    1) if it doesn't win the Oscar for best costumes I'll be SHOCKED
    2) I meant "on", not "in", whoops.
    3)yes, the best I think
    4)me too!
    5)I'm not a Potter fan in general, but I'm sure I'll still cry, bc that's how I do.
    6)I watched the end of Doomsday last night just to cry over Tennant.,
    7) I love Russell Crowe to an unnatural degree. I didn't care for BBC Robin Hood after the first season, and I prefer Armitage as Thornton.
    8) It's all just so pretty, besides the greasy hairs.
    9) AHHHHH!!!!! Plus Christmas episode between 2 and 3
    10) Not a huge fan in general, the movie was just so clean and great.
    11) I just caught up on Saturday!