Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rambles and a dress

Balenciaga 1961-62 @ the Met
I had a terrible day at work. I think we all did. We're all ballgowned out. I need to finish mine so's I can finish a vest I started. I think stitchers and costumers in general just hit a wall and we've been lucky it's taken us so long. After yoga today I calmed down a bit and realized it's only Tuesday and we have until Saturday night when all is said and done.

Also, yoga. Ug. I recognize it's helpful qualities, I also recognize I probably need some sort of inflatable mattress to prevent bruising whilst I roll around on the floor for an hour. Too boney for this stuff.

Here's a dress friend Jack and I agree I need to make over the summertimes. I think it'd be a great garden dress for our crossover party between summer and fall seasons. Now I just need a fall season opening night dress. I also need to make my Doctor Who vest for Halloweens!

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