Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I've Been Up To

In the past month I've...

--moved back down to Cedar City
--started my job as Costume Design Assistant/Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor/gopher
--reconnected with lots of friends!
--learned I really want a Mac
--leased an apt for grad school
--gotten very excited for en suite laundry in said apartment 
--joined the gym and started a training routine 
--gained the last three pounds to get be back to my pre-winter weight
--spent almost every night on my porch with amazing friends
--worked on my dress enough to think I can have all but the rebeading done by the end of this Saturday
--gone down to St. George for a nice Temple night
--had oh so many Crunchy Italian Salads from the Pub

So that's what you get. I need to start blogging again for my own sanity if nothing else. The gym helps with that though...

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