Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Opening Night Dress 2013: Let's compare

In costume design the idea of your rendering (or sketch for those who quibble with the definition of "rendering") is to illustrate exactly what you want the finished product to look like. It's the draper's job to create the pattern to do this. Don't draw what you don't want draped is the rule of thumb bc a good draper will give you exactly what you've drawn.

One of my problems as a designer is drawing figures that look like me (long and lean) making it more difficult for the draper to translate the design onto a figure that's not got as much vertical real estate. The great thing about being the designer, draper, and model is that you have complete control beginning to end. The great thing about my Opening Night Dress design was that the product changed very little. And so, once again, I give you my original rendering and the finished product. I'm over the moon at the results. The drape changed bc of the logistics of the weight and material. The sleeves shortened bc that would have been a butt ton more beading and it's a summer party. The belt changed bc of what was available. BUT, I mean, that's pretty dead on. High fives for everyone!

And again, I want to point out that this dress is 100% LDS modest and unique and flattering and all of the things most other modest dresses produced en masse aren't.


  1. You should draw fashion figures for you. Just add another head length.