Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shows I want to costume

Thoroughly Modern Millie
So many great group numbers and I love to costume dancing! Excellent menswear, evening wear, office wear and character transformation. I've already designed Mrs. Meers et al, but I'll take another go!

This is my all-time favorite play that I've read but never seen produced. I think designing Thomasina's transformation and the fine line between present and past would be difficult but thrilling. I just want to work on this show!

Lost in Yonkers
This show's about finesse. I've been involved in a production of Yonkers recently that I was thrown into, but I'd love to really delve into it and really work the details like crazy. Opportunities for crazy realism.

Little Women
I've decided this is one of my favorite books, perhaps only surpassed by Persuasion. I love the musical and think it's charming. Costumes include tomboyness, casual, formal, and Professor Bhaer! There's also a wedding dress.

Twelfth Night
Since Peter Pan I've had a pretty healthy fascination with women as men. I also love this play and what I could put Olivia and the Duke in. Chances for comedy and elegance and cross dressing! Period is of course up to the director, but I think I could have a really great time with this.

My Fair Lady or Pygmalion
I love MFL, but you'd get the same transformation and formal wear opportunities in Pygmalion. I'd love to do both really. Musical and play costumes for the same script? Divine.

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