Sunday, December 11, 2011

1970s: a great decade for wigs

A couple weeks ago I watched Poldark and skimmed through Fawlty Towers on Netflix. Poldark is set in the 1780s but was made in 1975 so it has some rippin' wigs. Fawlty Towers, a comedy series with John Cleese was also made in 1975. I realized the wigs from Poldark were bad, but never realized to what lengths hair was done in the '70s! Of course I took the liberty of capturing some stills for you. Aren't you grateful?
From Poldark. How amazing is this wig? and she wears one like this all the time. So terrible but great.
so great right? ug.
Prunella Scales from Fawlty Towers. The hair is great, esp the streak, but I'm really in love with her suit, not sarcastic at all.
Who knew the 1970s echoed the 1770s? I guess it makes sense bc of the bicentennial
check out that profile!
and from behind

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