Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1958 McCall's: Fabric and cutting

I'm in Nebraska and went fabric shopping for my dress almost first thing. The idea was to get a floral print that was very seasonal but could also be formal (if I ever get the chance to attend something semi-formal). I found a brilliant lilac and blue small floral at Joann in a poly (of course) that was a very light satin, but there wasn't enough. I went to Hancock's and Hobby Lobby but hated everything and was very upset. I went back to Joann the next day after calming down and got a very large print fuchsia and purple floral on a peach/ivory back. I've grown to really like it and am excited about it.

I cut the dress at the end of last week and began the bodice front. The material frays like crazy (since I'm doing seam finishes, not surging)and I was in no mood so I only got the front bodice done. Shame on me. Then, in the middle of the night some time after I realized that on my shoulder alteration I taped the yoke and the bodice together at the cut line, not the seam allowance. I don't think this should make a huge difference, at least in this case, but I'm still a little frustrated at myself for doing it wrong.

I will hopefully get more done today. I was going to work on it yesterday night for a long bit, but got a migraine, and while I do have a Rx now that knocks me out for an hour and it's gone I wasn't in the mood afterward.

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