Saturday, February 2, 2013

Celebrity Baked Goods

Bestie Sarah and I had some wild times in high school, lemme tell ya what.

We'd monthly have celebrity birthday parties. By parties I mean we'd bake ourselves a cake, find a dead celebrity with their birthday in the current month, and decorate said cake a la the celebrity. We'd also usually watch a movie that had nothing to do with said celebrity but would Kevin Bacon it to make sense. I can't remember exactly how we did it, but we tied The Truman Show into Jackie Kennedy's birth month. We drew a pillbox hat and pearls on her cake. I remember a Mozart cake too that might have had a portrait and said "WOLFGANG".

Unrelated, but not entirely, was our Kevin Spacey summer. After our first year of college we came home and with our friend Nick went to a matinee of 21. We were the only people in the theatre, talked all the way through it and by the end had decided to have a Kevin Spacey themed summer. We watched A Bug's Life, Superman, Pay It Forward,  K-PAX, and others. It was a good summer. Kevin Spacey's a fave. We made masks (hence my current facebook pro-pic) and a Kevin Spacey cake with lightening bolt lettering.

I sadly only have photos of the K Space cake, as I have no idea where photos from high school would be. 

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  1. That sounds like an awesome party!

    Girl, make sure you enter my V-day giveaway!