Friday, July 15, 2011

New Project: 1958 McCall's

I trace a lot of the vintage patterns from the costume shop, and just finished making a 1940s summer dress at the beginning of May, but alas alack I have no pictures of the process or the product! I know, I am a bad blogger. But now I have a new pattern that I absolutely adore!

Introducing this McCall's 1958 dress with gathered front and back bodices into neck and waist yokes with an optional gathered front skirt. The dress also includs bodice and skirt stays, onto which the gathers are seamed. I'm blessed with having the measurements of a vintage size 12 in the bust and waist. As far as hips are concerned...let's just say it's best to go for full skirts, unless I want to alter.

But I alter anyway! I'm VERY tall AND lopsided (from years of holding babies on only one side) and so if I so choose I can alter my patterns for those variations. As it so happens I've spent the week altering the bodice of this pattern for my sloped left shoulder and square right shoulder, which alterations I'll blog you through when I have the time. I have also lengthened the bodice and plan on splicing my skirt sloper (including my high left hip) with the pattern.

I am leaving for Nebraska on Sunday and so will make the dress over the three weeks I am in Corn Husker land. The deadline I am giving myself is August 7th, my first Sunday back in Provo, when I will WOW my ward with my impeccable dress. Fabric is yet to be determined, but I'm thinking the pale blue fabric of Titania's cape from the Utah Shakespeare Festival or a flowy floral. Either way the fashion fabric will be rather chiffony so the dress will needs be lined, what joy.

I plan on constructing this dress using all my fashion techniques and am very excited to have the time to do it! Huzzah! Stay posted!

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