Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Runway Season 10

Summer has arrived and today is a day to wear as little clothing as possible. I've already been to St. George and back this morning and I just want to sit in my air conditioned room.

The next season of Project Runway is upon us! It premieres next Thursday, isn't that nice? I was spoiled by All Stars and so am a little wary of the new season, esp after visiting the new designer's portfolios here. Looking at the designers I'm not too terribly intrigued. Some are styled horrendously, some are just tshirts and other are sewn by monkeys. I'm always surprised at how the challenges can stretch the contestants, so here's hoping.

Buffi looks awful and esp crafty.
Kooan looks intriguing as he's obviously works for queens.
I'm actually pretty excited for Elena, Christopher, Lantie, and Dmitry.

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