Thursday, July 5, 2012

Opening Night Pictures

If you're my facebook friend you've seen these. I didn't take any pictures of myself bc frankly I feel vain when I do and it's such a bother, so poo poo all you want, but this is what you get.

Friend Allison and Jack and I got ready at Jack's and had a blast. I'd put my hair in curlers all day. You can't tell, but my hairs are curly curly heaps of curls. I also have a huge splay of coque feathers in my hairs curtsey of Jack. I look like I'm slouching in the photos because the shoulder pads in the dress tilt forward. I was very conscientious about keeping my shoulders back, so was a little startled to see how much it looks like I'm rolling them forward.

It was a wonderful night and I felt great and I can't wait for the crossover party so I can wear the Balenciaga I'm going to make! I LIVE to dress up and look pretty!

PS I'm labeling this as Sexy Sunday bc the party went into Sunday morning...

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