Friday, July 27, 2012

joined the Twitter

Ah! A blog post! Yes, I have been really rather lazy and generally not in the mood to post. It might be that I do the same thing over and over again everyday. I also think the amount of black I wear is sucking my creativity dry. Whatever the reason I'm sorry and I won't pretend it'll get better right away, but I will make an effort...tomorrow.

I did join Twitter today though. I've been hesitating as I couldn't think of a cool enough handle. Friend Christina suggested CoolHandleLuke which I was so excited ab, but some guy already has it that follows one person and has never tweeted. That makes me angry. So follow me @BelbCorinne which is my go too ambiguous nickname that I'll use as "Belle Corinne" if I ever get a shop. So yeah, follow me. I have no idea what I'll tweet, but here we gooooo!!!!

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