Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Opening Night Dress 2013: Done with the beading! Need a break...

I'm getting down to the wire. I'll have six weeks in Cedar to finish the dress, but my nights will be filled with having fun with all my friends! I was hoping to have all but the hems and inside done when I left, and that might still be a possibility, but I need a break!

I finished the beading yesterday afternoon after about 4 weeks and 75 hours of work. I figured I could get it cut out last night and I'd take it to my sister's house where I'll be babysitting for the weekend. I got it cut out no problem, but my brain is completely dead. I got the teal and nude pieces sewn to the front and backs, made a few mistakes and just need a break! I'm not taking it to my sister's. I'm also no where near ready to drive back to Utah and since the current plan leaves me with two days to get ready after my sister's I might push back my departure a day.

someday it will look teal in pictures

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