Friday, May 3, 2013

Utah County

Ok, here's the thing. I went to BYU for four years and loved it. I wouldn't say I had THE cliche BYU experience. I didn't date, almost at all, I did very little outdoorsy things and mostly stayed in the basement of the Fine Arts Building, but I'm also not a believer in BYU only being one thing, which I think is a common belief. What BYU is is a very wholesome place with 30,000 more or less very wholesome young people. It's a place that is rumored to paint their grass green (no joke).

Being back in Utah County is now very strange. I've been graduated for 2 years and have spent much time outside of The Bubble. When I drive through Provo now I feel this wave of goodness; the trees are perfect, the sun is shining, and beautiful people are jogging everywhere. Once you're out of it for awhile it's all rather surreal. It's not all roses and bunnies when you look deeper, but superficially Provo and BYU is the most wholesome place ever.
Let's not forget, there are places other than Orem/Provo in UT Payson.

Things about Utah County:

Drivers are actually very mean and crazy and nuts.
It's very easy to think that UT County is just BYU, but even Provo has much more to offer.
Road construction will NEVER end. Mostly we were all excited to graduate from I-15.
UT County is very beautiful. There are lots of parks and outdoorsy things to do.
Provo Canyon is very beautiful.
There are a lot of people in Utah County. There is nature, but mostly from Ogden down through Nephi there is no break from people, blerg.
There are LOTS of babies in Utah County. 

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