Sunday, October 13, 2013

What's great about my life right now

-I live in an apartment with laundry.
-The choir (as directed by me, eep) did a WONDERFUL job today in Sacrament meeting.
-I have made 3.5 hats this semester.
-I've already improved my rendering.
-I have a box of 12 grey markers in the mail, GREYS!
-We're feeding the Sisters and an investigator for dinner. Said investigator is AMAZING and just great.
-Fall in Pennsylvania is the most beautiful fall I've ever seen. If I could just plop some mountains down it'd be that much better.
-Technology means I can still keep in touch with all of my non-grad school friends!
-I have so many new and lovely friends!
-Roller derby is a thing that I go to now.
-I've started a new and consistent scripture study schedule that has already blessed me in ways I couldn't even have imagined.
-I'm in a color theory class. We're learning to mix any color using warm primaries, cool primaries, ochre and white. It's pretty legit yo.
-I've kept my room clean the entire time I've been here (ask Genevieve, she knows!).
-Walk in closet.

No pictures, see previous entry if you have a beef with my recently blogging. 

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  1. we have a color theory class here that abolishes the use of a color wheel. 0-0 I have not taken said class yet, but when I do, I'll give you the scoop.