Friday, July 31, 2009

About Me and This Blog

Whether or not you know it, this is my second blog. My first started as a blog just for my family while I'm at college, but turned into almost an exclusively Bollywood review blog. I started this one mostly as a dump for my fashion and costume ideas; as a place to just spew what's in my head more for my own organization.

My Education:
I'm a costume student at BYU. I've designed a minor experimental piece at BYU my freshman year, and was the associate designer w/ one of my professors and two other students for BYU's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie in January 2009. I'll graduate in April '11 with my bachelor's in Theatre Arts Studies with an emphasis in costume design. I love theatre and film costuming, analyzing and designing it and fashion as well. I love clothing construction and hand work, clothing history and more recently eastern costumes.

My Training:
As of summer '09 I've taken beginning and intermediate costume design from BYU. I've taken intermediate and advanced clothing construction and pattern making from BYU's School of Family Life department. I currently work as the wardrobe supervisor at BYU and as a general stitcher there as well. This is in itself very valuable training. Before I graduate I will take advanced costume design, at least beginning and intermediate make up design, costume history, textiles and hopefully tailoring and eastern costume history, among my other theatre and general courses.

I see this blog as my "cyber napkin" in which I scrawl my ideas for projects and info about what I'm currently interested in, hence ephemera (a word I've been in love with since I looked it up when I was 10). I used to make my own "Useful Ephemera" magazine w/ random articles I wrote about things I thought were interesting, but that blog title was already taken...jerks.

Anyway, starting soon, probably tomorrow b/c I already have some projects I need to spill, I'll start really scrawling.

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