Saturday, August 1, 2009

1950s Plaid

My mom bought the rest of a bolt of acetate (blech) plaid years ago for me. I have some idea that there's probably about 10 yards left on the sucker. It's been sitting in my fabric corner for years collecting dust. I've had ideas to make a 1840s dress of it, but it's really a striking, large, uneven plaid that just didn't fit w/ the projects I've tried to fit with it. I've come to learn that more often than not you'll work to find a project for a fabric instead of a fabric for a project. Until I can weave my own materials for exactly what I want (like designers do) it usually works out better if you let a fabric inspire you.
So, mid-1950s semi-formal day dress. I spent my Friday afternoon pleating a strip of my plaid in all different ways for options if I ever get to this project. I took pictures I'll probably post for opinions. I had this idea b/c I had a weird dream w/ this type of 1950s sassy/chic character. When I think of a project for myself I still imagine it as though there's a character I'm making it for, esp if it's a period project. Most of the sketches I do on my own, w/o a script have their own characters. Anyway, point being, each way I pleat this plaid gives me a different character (pleated the black stripes to show, red, yellow, blue and green etc).
If I ever get to this the skirt will be ridiculously pleated and full w/ probably a top w/ short kimono sleeves w/ gussets b/c that's my favorite style right now. Of course it'd need a very full petticoat. I have one my mom made me of just netting years ago, but I need a new one. I want a more substantial can can. Mine is also v. long which works for the period, but I'd prefer a shorter one for other skirts I have.

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  1. I love the second to last option. I'm really digging the little slices of yellow. I do like the others, but that one is my favorite.