Monday, November 15, 2010

Essentials for MY wardrobe

My friend Anjali asked me to compose an entry reviewing the essentials of a wardrobe. I was thinking about this and decided that I’d review the essentials for MY current (and someday my dream wardrobe) because your style is not my style and my style is not your style (but maybe it should be).

Let's start with the tops:
I’m absolutely currently in LOVE with the fact that trends are leaning on the big and baggy side so MY essential tops include my Gap t-shirts. I have two styles that I love and have multiples of, my navy and blue horizontal striped bracelet length long T and my two long batwing Tshirts. LOVE them! With my scrawny frame I swim in them and love it!
I also adore my New York and Co blue and white striped man’s style shirt. It has a self belt but I’ve stopped using it. I only define my waist on Sundays .

Bottoms: Gap chinos in brushed cotton. Adore them, wearing them right now. They are perfect now that the weather has turned and denim is so frigid. Mine are wide legged and fall from my rather large and angular hips. They’re soft and oh so casual.
When I want to look a little more feminine with my larger tops I wear my can’t live without them grey pants (of which I have two in twill and one in denim, all from the Gap). I buy my grey pants slim cut because they go with anything and define my legs when I leave my torso more ambiguous.
Wool grey pencil skirt: goes with brown or black neutral, I made it and it fits me perfectly. It's got a nipped in waist and looks great with my batwing tshirts.

Trouser socks from Banana Republic in neutrals (including greys and browns) and more fun colors (pink and blue). I’m dying for a pair in red but have yet to find them.
Brogued wingtips from Jones Boot Co in Soho (not strictly a Soho store, but where I got mine). Wearing them right now. I need to polish them desperately. As you may or may not have been able to tell, I am in love with menswear for women and this new rash of mens dress shoes for women is too much! I want more pairs of course, but for now I settle for my lovely wingtips.
Keds: I’m on my third pair in a year. I started with banana yellow and turquoise, wore those out in London and now am on to pink, not as versatile as the yellow, but lovely all the same. I love to wear them with my pink trouser socks. I want red and navy real bad, but I just buy the ones that are on sale.
Hunter Wellingtons: If you’re going to buy a rain boot buy a REAL rain boot. I got pea green wellies last year for Christmas and love them so much. I wear them all the time b/c I’m too lazy to tie my shoes.
Minnetonkas: moccasins. My home teachers got me a pair for my birthday last year from the DI. Mine have soft soles so I change into them when I get to work most days. They are a dream. The company has so many styles. Mine are the ankle fringe zip up the back variety.
Classy brown heels: mine are suede 4” Steve Maddens, reminiscent of the 50s opera pump.

Cardigans, get them, get them now. I have oh so many. I’m pretty peeved however that I’ve lost my navy ribbed cardi with pea green and ivory details. Boo. I do however still have and wear VERY often my grey Gap cardi with homey cabinesque knit detail. It has pockets in the front. I’m a HUGE advocate for patch pockets in my cardis.
Raincoat. I used an amazing Old Navy khaki trench for the past 6 years until I decided to leave in London to save on case space, but don’t you fret! I bought an amazing Kelly green trench in Stratford-Upon-Avov (b/c you go to the dep’t stores when you’re Shakespeare’d out).
Winter coat: Wool. All I have to say is wool. Wool is my favorite textile and your winter coat should be mostly wool. I’m not talking your North Face or your skiing jacket, but your proper, stylish winter coat. You may or may not have seen mine. It is orange. It has a pleated skirt, is double breasted and is awesome. Wool, and poly and nylon. Nylon is always a nice addition in moderation to make your outerwear last longer.
Pashminas/shawls/scarfs/Cashmeres: Call them what you will, they are ever so handy and lovely and SUCH a classy way to keep warm when church is absolutely freezing. I got 3 amazing Indian imports at Portabello road, proper and beautiful wool giants. They are a bit scratchy, but when I can’t afford the absolute BEST cashmere and we’re all so used to the rayon blends you get domestically it’s no surprise.

Pearls: of the stud and necklace variety
Drop earrings:just a little dangle. My favorite pairs are a princess diamond and a tear drop Forget-Me-Not from Kew Gardens
Golden fly Egyptian bracelet from Banana, or at least that's what it reminds me of. I really thing it's a recast of what was probably a 50s mimic of a golden fly motif.
A brooch: I have a long champagne colored gold and crystal brooch I got from Portabello Road. I pin my shawls with it.

When I get around to it I might add pictures. I found an amazing store I need to acquaint you with b/c it possesses my ideal essentials by way of leather and outerwear.

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