Sunday, August 9, 2009


I just got done watching Casper w/ the grand kids. Need we be reminded of how horrible the early/all of the 90s were? Ug, anyway, the costume designer was mos def not trying when she came up w/ the "antique" number that Christina Ricci schleps around in for the second half of the film. Seriously? What era were we going for? Late Edwardian, bad '80s bridesmaid? Not to mention "Fleshy Casper's" white shirt w/ a yoke, black pants and riding boots as a suitable "period costume" for him. A staple of my childhood yes, but a pillar of costuming excellence it is not. But I'll forgive it, it's fun.


  1. Learning the clothes aren't authentic doesn't ruin the movie at all for me. :P

  2. Honey Listen up The gown in this movie is excactly same as my wedding gown
    it is a late Edwardian gown with lace overlay,hand beaded detail for a romantic look.
    it is a wedding gown, without the Corset that's what makes it look like a night gown but it really is a Authentic Gown.