Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sherlock and Law and Order: UK

I spent the entire day watching the BBC's Sherlock, a 21st century adaptation of the Doyle character starring Benedict Cumberbatch (To the Ends of the Earth, Amazing Grace) and Martin Freeman (UK Office, future Bilbo Baggins). Three episodes, all an hour and a half each, available on PBS's Masterpiece Mystery site until the 7th of December, amazing. With a great performance by Cumberbatch who looks so tall but is only 6'1"ish, this series is witty, fresh but classic. Freeman as Watson's chemistry with Cumberbatch's Sherlock is great. Filmed on location in London, it made me pine for it even more than I have been. It's co-written by Steven Moffat of amazing Doctor Who fame (Blink, Silence in the Libarary, the new Matt Smith season as head writer). This blog post is pretty incoherent, unlike the show, which is great. The new series starts filming in May. Better get my tickets to go and stock it NOW!

Also, Law and Order: UK=awesome. Just as piney for London as Sherlock.

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  1. Shelby, I miss you. I hope life is treating you well. And you are right, Sherlock is amazing. I can't wait for the next "season".