Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Wedding Dress Designs

As you may or may not know, I love to design wedding dresses. My dresses are different because my religion adheres to certain modesty standards that heavily influence what women wear. The common dresses Mormon women wear all have princess seams, cap sleeves and square necklines. I abhor these dresses and try to design different, yet classic dresses that aren't the same top with different bottoms. It's my goal that my designs never make it necessary for women to fiddle, pin or tug at their dress to make it modest enough. Some day I hope to have my own boutique in London, but for now my designs are only on paper.

I love to design wedding dresses because I love the influence what you wear has on how you feel and think about yourself. I think that this is no more prevalent than on a woman's wedding day when she's the center of attention. I'll never forget when one of my actresses told me she'd never felt prettier than when she was all done up in the (black) wedding dress I'd designed for the play she was starring in.

And so, without further ado, some new designs. Many of these designs are very much inspired, if not copied from vintage patterns of the 50s and 60s, either altered for color, length or modesty. Others are also entirely of my own design. You only get 5 of my favorite for now. Check out my facebook page for the rest.

This dress is a 50s pattern that I made full length in white with a slightly higher neckline.

A friend has been wanting me to design a dress for her for a while. she said she loves lace and beading, so here it what she gets. This is a vintage pattern, early 60s I think, with added embellishments. What I love about vintage dresses is that they have long sleeves! Too many Mormon brides freeze at winter weddings, or cover up their dresses with giant fur capes. This dress however, could also be short sleeved.

I've always loved Grace Kelly. I didn't have her in mind when I designed this dress using only the major silhouette as inspiration, but it's undoubtedly Grace Kelly-esque.

This design is entirely my own. It has a moire top with bias chiffon trim at the neck. The waist band is out of bugle beads and the skirt is a plain fabric. This if for a classic, but unique bride.

This is another design that's all my own and one of my favorites. There is a severe lack of simpler, sleeker skirts in Mormon wedding-dom so this and the previous dress are an answer to that. This dress reminds me of the 40s and would ideally be in some sort of spotted silk.

PS. All my designs would have pockets!!!


  1. Pockets?! Oh my gosh! You're the Wendy of wedding dress designers!

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