Saturday, January 18, 2014

Animated films I'd totally be down designing real costumes for

Anastasia, duh.
Rumor has it this is being workshopped in Russia, but news has been silent recently. I'd love to get my hands on it and actually make it period appropriate. Can you imagine the ghost ball fantasy?! Or the Paris costumes?! 1917 and 1927, awkward but fantastic years! Russian national dress!!! I'd die and go to heaven. Also, Rasputin's song.

Of COURSE they're making this into a stage show. Computer animation is making leaps and bounds, but their textile rendering still leaves things to be desired. I will say Hans' satin lapels really struck a chord with me, as did Elsa's ice outfit (the most magical of quick changes!). The idea of Fantasy Norway is so intriguing and I'd love to make the women's clothes actually appropriately cut. I they even know how clothes are put together?! And all of the princely outfits and lovely rustic leathers on Kristoff and delightful winter folkwear on Anna.

Ok, that's only two...mostly because all the other Disney Princesses have been done and if I did them I'd totally mix them up! But for real, these two would be amazing! Maybe Brave as well...KILTS.

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