Saturday, September 26, 2009

fashion quandry.

I took this picture on the sly as I walked to my car today.
Questions: Has the person in question talked to her doctor about a) her need to wear sweatpants in 75 degree weather and b) the fact that the right side of her body is hotter than her left? I think both are serious issues that need to discussed with a professional.

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  1. So I know I said I WOULDN'T read this until I was done with homework, but I did read it. And I laughed. Out loud. A lot and loudly. Thanks!

    Haven't you heard of the "one-leg up, one-leg down" phenomenon? It's for those who don't feel anything below their hips and also want to be gansta rappers. Usually, gansters wear actual pants though, not sweatpants or pajamas so it is a bit more socially acceptable. I think that this girl might not have noticed that this option was not really a major at BYU, but then again, if someone is wearing THOSE shoes and sweatpants in public, there may be more serious issues going on, like you state above.

    I never understood this at BYU. Is is THAT hard to put on a pair of freaking pants in the morning? I would rather skip tooth brushing, chew gum and wear real pants if I had 2 minutes to get ready. Or just do both and be 10 seconds late to class. Or, even better yet, wake up 2 minutes earlier and make all the good things that life has to offer come my way. With the invention of stretchy jeans and the return of leggings, this doesn't fly.

    Well, thanks for the homework break. I love your blog; if you ever stop writing it, I will have no idea what NOT to wear.