Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hint at things to come...

I spent all yesterday afternoon gathering info and images for an entry on men's shoes. I am fascinated by the different characterizations in gentlemen's cobblery but am frustrated that sources I have either have good pictures with not the best descriptions or vice versa. So, I'm creating a super easy to understand glossary of men's shoes with very simple line drawings of EACH type of shoe described. Someday I'll collect them all into a physical booklet for myself to keep on hand with my other research, but I'm excited to post it all online too! I've gotten through the line drawings of the brogues and have moved onto loafers. Get excited and let me know if you have any questions about men's shoes and I'll do my utmost to answer them.


  1. That sounds absolutely miserable. :P

  2. How do you feel about Oxford style shoes for ladies? My postdoc said that he doesn't prefer them (he's rather old fashioned), but I like them (on others)

  3. Anj- I'm wearing some right now and have another pair of wingtips in my closet.