Friday, September 18, 2009

wishlist: jodhpurs and capelets

I've wanted jodhpurs for forever and of course now I'm seeing them in magazines etc. That's always how it works with me. Anyway. I want more of real equestrian jodhpurs (but not so tight), and not the icky tapered pants that people might label jodhpurs these days. Roberto Cavalli's Fall '07 Ready to Wear has some nice, moderate pairs. I saw a pair in Lucky once that were corduroy w/ leather inner leg guards. I want the leg guards real bad.
This ensemble (who's pants I'm not so hot about) also has a capelet, which I also want. I have a pattern back home and some nice subtle plaid wool. I don't know where one would necessarily wear a capelet these days, but I still want one.

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