Monday, May 24, 2010


Harrods has ruined me forever. My friend Martha and I went the other day and maybe saw 1/3 of Harrods. She has a fashion degree and works in the shop w/ me and I of course am an avid lover and follower of fashion. Seeing De La Renta and Dior and Marc Jacobs and so many others up close and personal made me weep internally. First of all the craftsmanship is amazing. One De La Renta Dress had diagonal seams all the way around the middle with the invisible zipper in on the diagonal. It was amazing. Also, furs and angora were everywhere and I just had to touch them all. You can tell that Marc Jacobs is a clean designer, but you don't really grasp the crispness and extreme perfection of his tailoring and designs until you're up close and personal with them.
Saw this person:

MENSWEAR:::oh. my. goodness. We only scratched the service of the menswear, and actually didn't go into the bigger names, but what we saw made us weep. We're talking a leather jacket that was so buttery and well tailored I would marry ANY MAN that wore it (providing he went out and found it and bought it himself). Suits with hand pick-stitching everywhere, real buttonholes on the cuffs, and amazing material. There were cardigans that were too adorable for words and plain old dress shirts with so much detail I couldn't help but gasp.

I was a little underwhelmed by the shoes actually. I can appreciate paying exorbitant amounts for well made clothes out of good materials, and the same goes for shoes, but I feel like with shoes there's no cap for how much you can charge for a jelly flat.

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