Saturday, May 15, 2010

Recent Purchases.

I packed light so I could buy stuff when I got here. So far I've bought some clothes, but mostly books. The V&A has an amazing bookstore, so I'm actually surprised I didn't buy anything from there. I would have if I hadn't bought 3 books from the Fashion Museum in Bath, 2 of which are from V&A Publishing. I also bought a Janet Arnold from the Globe. These books are cheaper in the UK and I don't have to pay for shipping! Well, mostly cheaper.

Patterns of Fashion 1540-1620: Superb, of course. I'm excited to go home and perhaps play with making some of the doublets into women's jackets. This one has much more visual research in the front, which I greatly appreciate because this is a hard time period to research for.
Fashion in Detail 18th Century: HQ detail shots of highlights of the Victoria & Albert fashion collection. Beautiful. One grievance: you don't get a full shot of the garments. I know it's Fashion in DETAIL, but sometimes it's a little TOO detailed. Technical sketches are provided.
Fashion in Detail 19th Century: Better than 18th century. Has many full length shots of garments.
Corsets: fabulous. Has excellent photos and sketches and patterns for each corset ranging from the late 18th century to about 1910. Includes construction instructions and projects in the back. While some corset descriptions include original dimensions, I wish they all did. I can figure it out of course, but would have liked to have the work done for me.

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