Monday, September 17, 2012

New Dress: Stripes

I want to get one more dress made before I leave USF for the season. I also want o finish Little Women, use up my baking supplies, get my portfolio figured out for Korea, and get a good start on grad school communications.

But you just want to hear about the dress! I brought a couple of fabrics to Cedar, two of which I've had for probably 5 or 6 years just waiting for the perfect project and I've found it!
The stripe is going to be the dress with probably the neck edges etc piped in the blue. Here's what I found on Pinterest that made up my mind for me:
The stripes of the fabric are actually printed crosswise so the waist yoke'll be on grain, the bodice will be crosswise and I'm hoping I have enough yardage to get the skirt on the bias bc I LOVE matching chevrons a la Oscar de la Renta...
The neckline is up in the air, opinons? I think the dress will end up more summery than I want as I have probably one fall/winter dress, but oh well. I'm terrible with sleeves, but I could do a short straight sleeve with a blue cuff or something, or I could just do a short kimono...

 I'm also trying to decide what stripe variation I should do for the waist...(blogger flipped the photos, stripes will be horizontal)
solid flowers
two flowers, one white
two flowers, one white, one flower etc
three flowers one white
Depending on the stripe choice I'll either have covered blue buttons or the print in a way that's unique, or I might just get really earthy wooden buttons or something. I'm super tempted to do bound buttonholes in the blue....

Let's see what this project ends up as!