Monday, September 10, 2012

Time to get serious about this haircut

Ok, so as some of you may or may not know I've been growing my hair for 5 years to donate. I started with a pixie, so five years of growth and trims is going to get me about 13". The original plan was to cut my hair for my Tom Baker Doctor Who Halloween costume, buuuuuut...I'll be traveling on Halloween so that's waiting for next year, boo.

I was still going to lop off my hair in October, but as South Korea approaches I think it wise to wait until that is over seeing as traveling with hair product to maintain a bob is not conducive to happy Shelby. I can get my hair up and fabulous with three bobby pins (one if pressed) straight out of the shower. That's ideal for international travel.

So, mid November seems to be the new chopping date. Now, the style!!!

I'm so excited! I love planning major hair cuts, they're basically the only kind I get and I've been ACHING to have a real hair style again as I cut my hair to one length in April and it's killing me.

Right now I'm projecting having 13" if I cut to mid neck. I love bobs for my hair. The last time I had one I had no idea the natural finger wave potential of my hair...but now I do! So, we're going for a bob that I can finger wave naturally or with curlers. Here are some options for the cut and what I'm looking to grow it out to. I'm thinking I'll keep it neck to shoulder length for awhile. Ok, that was a lot of words, time for pictures!

I'm most excited for Sunday hair like this!

Don't tempt me...


  1. I like Felicity's best. Just don't look like you did when you chopped it in college...that was bad. :P

  2. Just go to someone good. Don't end up with a pixie like me when that was not your goal!

    1. I'ma go to Liz. She only sees me every 2 years for drastic cuts, I'm sure she loves it :)

  3. obsessed with the red bob. might have to do that to my hair.... :)