Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Primetime Emmy Awards

I've never watched the Emmys before bc frankly I have never really cared. I stopped watching TV in the middle of high school and really didn't pick it up again until last year, but I'm with my sister for the weekend so I actually had a TV for to watch the Emmys on. So here's the rundown. I will say overall I was impressed as I was appalled at the informality of last year's Oscars, mostly in hairdos. And I didn't watch much pregame, so I'll only really be speaking to the fashions during the show...aaaaand I'm really not "in the mood" but this was a request, so here you go!

Tina Fey wins the prize of my heart, always. She's my hero and I want to be her minus the acting part...but maybe? She's just great and is always a hit with me in the dressing department. She's classy and appropriate and simple, but always with a little something special.
I can't get over Julia Louis Dreyfus' dress. It was special and classy and the skirt was just to die for when you saw it on screen.
Hayden Panettiere's dress was much more special than this straight on. It was very interesting and while I dunno if I'd wear it it was something great.
My sister and I couldn't get over how great Claire Danes looked! Of all the yellow at the show (and it was everywhere!) I liked hers the best. We bet it's the maternity glow that makes her looks so great. But really, she was stunning, and oh Hugh Dancy, you could have had me!
Jane Levy. I dunno who this girl is, it's amazing how much TV I have no idea about, but I like her styling and the color and the dress overall. Nothing incredibly new, but just really nice all the same. are some iffy ones...
Lucy Lui. This dress is amazing and she looks amazing, but it confuses me and reminds me of the princess during the pageant of The Swan Princess that's from where they make all the armor and she has shields all over her face...
Julianna Margulies. I appreciate a print, and I actually don't mind this one. It filmed a lot better and was metallic and I don't mind the 60s upholstery look. I am confused abou t the center front seam though...Jury's out on this one.
I've been rewatching 30 Rock and when I saw Edie Falco on the red carpet I was like "Hey! It's CC!". Turns out she's also Nurse Jackie....anyway, I don't have anything against this dress, I'm just pointing out US Weekly had a spread last week of 5 other girls wearing it too, wah wah. One week too late!

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