Sunday, September 2, 2012

USF Summer Highlights

Sadtimes. The summer season is over and unlike last year I dressed the shows and got very close with the actors and the crew of the company. I saw every show once, most in first dress, Scapin and Les Mis (which hasn't closed) in crew view, and Merry Wives twice come to think of anyway, here's my list. If you're in the company and you're not on it don't worry! I love you too!! I'm including Les Mis highlights even though it hasn't closed because I want to, so there! In no particular order...

Atticus Finch, duh

The Les Mis chorus- The soloists for Les Mis are amazing (Brian, Melinda, J. Michael, Kym, I love you!) but Les Mis is such a chorus heavy show in parts ya gotta have a strong one, and we do! At The End of the Day, One Day More, Red and Black just to name a few are absolutely breathtaking. I have no idea what these numbers look like, but I know they sound like awesome.

The Gloriana Dress from Mary Stuart designed by Bill Black and worn by Monica Bell as Elizabeth I.  Seriously, woof. Monica is close to my height, I'm sure Jeff would let me play dress up...:) Last picture in the first set here.

Matt Zambrano. Seriously talented, seriously funny. I might be a little biased, but the buzz from everyone is that he's hilarious.  Also in this highlight is David Ivers as Scapin. Also in this highlight is Scapin bc that show was a riot and everyone should have seen it!

The closing tableau of Titus Andronicus. I'd had so much of the story told to me before I saw it I wasn't surprised by much, except the last picture of Tamara, Titus, and Saturninus sat down dead at the dining table. It. was. fantastic.

The Cabaret. A little known attraction of the festival is the REACH Cabaret on Thursday nights. Company members perform songs, stand up, poems, and more. It's wonderful and this year was especially so.

Again, might be a tad bias as he's my boy, but Andy Nagraj as the Bishop of Digne. A brief, but very important part. I wait to change Andy every night after he sings "bought your soul fooooor Gooooooood".

Peter Simple in Merry Wives played by Chris Klopatek. Another hilarious man in a scene stealing part. Chris and Matt on stage together killed me, KILLED me.

Now we keep building Hamlet and I get ready to dress Stones in His Pockets with Brian Vaughn and David Ivers. I'm excited, are you?! The season's been extended through October 27th so you have MORE time to see Hamlet, Stones, and Les Mis! Come down, see shows, and see me!

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