Saturday, September 8, 2012


No, not the football team, the rodeo men I will be missing this weekend bc I'm working Les Mis. I love rodeos! My ex had been a real life cowboy that team roped in high school and branded the calves our Thanksgiving together. I love cowboys. I don't mean the romanticized kind on the cover of cheesy novels. I mean real rodeo cowboys with tight tight Wranglers and giant button up plaid shirts. Rodeo boys are usually rather wee and are super wiry, unless they're the older cowmen, then they're rather hefty. Their hands are always rough and they always have a farmer's tan. They'er SUPER handsome from across the arena, but I have no illusions ab them being actually all that attractive up close. Put them on a well trained horse in chaps and watch them rope some livestock,  hubba hubba. I WANT TO GO TO THE RODEO!

Team roping video and photos are from the Lehi Roundup last summer. I haven't been to a rodeo since June! Pity meeeee!!!

A friend of mine actually wants to marry a cowboy and live in the middle of nowhere, gross. I'm happy to look and have them be oh so polite and gentlemanly towards me.

far away....

ok, so this one was above average up close too :)

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