Sunday, September 16, 2012

Leopard Dress and Cross Over Party Dress

Alright! Here they are! The dresses I've told you about but which I've never actually shown you the finished products of...was that good English?

Anyway, both of these dresses have had their debut, but I was too lazy or whatever to take proper shots of them at said debuts.

 Leopard dress was originally opening night dress, but it got bumped for the 1940s crepe loveliness. Its debut was at the Masquerade Party which was I think much more appropriate. At the party I had a black domino mask and was super foxy, ask anyone. The foxiness does still come through w/o the mask though...

My cross over party dress was originally going to be a repro of a Balenciaga dress, but it was too expensive and I waited too long so I made this little beauty out of some fabric I brought with me. The dress is a basic two dart bodice with petal sleeves and a gathered and flared skirt. The neckline is what I like to think of as leotard neckline, so fetchingly scoopy in the back. I wore this to church today with a green cardigan, such a Sexy Sunday.

I love my cross over party dress because the shoulders and hip a-symmetry are fixed perfectly!
Overall the issues I have with both dresses are very minor. I'm getting better and better at this!


  1. VaVoom!!! Love petal, as in flower petal, sleeves.

  2. I love the blue dress!! I want dresses with structure that fit. :(