Friday, December 14, 2012

New skincare routine...different but working.

This entry's a plug for the new skin routine I'm trying. I found it here via Pinterest. Warning: Zit and menstruation talk ahead!

The process is meant to treat hormonal acne which manifests itself around the chin and jawline as very deep and swollen zits. I've read into this type of acne a lot because with the face wash I use I've had a near flawless complexion except for my chin. Zits actually occur on the corresponding side you're ovulating on! Which, of course leads to very even scarring. Anyway, I've had constant chin acne for about 6 months now and off and on before that for years, with major break outs during high stress.

This skin routine is based on the idea that today's harsh skincare items strip your skin of too much natural oil, causing your face to overcompensate which leads to break outs. Essentially you wash your face with caster and extra virgin olive oil. Read the blog, it'll probably convince you.

I've been doing this for about 2 weeks now and have had mixed results, but overall I'm very happy with it.

-My acne cleared COMPLETELY in four days. I will say it was the best time of the month for my skin, but I haven't been acne-less since....April? May?
-This routine also takes off your make up.
-I've used Proactiv for 8 years which prevents acne at my temples and the hollows of my cheeks which is where I'll break out in about 2 days if I stop using it. I did get a zip on my cheek and my temple about 4 days after starting this, but they were pretty close to the surface and cleared up quickly. I haven't had any zits of that kind since.
-Parts of my face that weren't oily before (the sides of my nose) felt pretty oily the first week, but have since evened out with the rest of my face.
-This takes awhile. I used to just use a baby wipe to take my make up off, but now this is the main face wash for the day. Every night I debate skipping it just this once, but it's done such a great job I always bring myself to do it anyway.
-It's a little gross on your washcloths. I only use a cloth for 2 days and so am washing a few washcloths pretty regularly.
-It's cheap. You just buy oil from the supermarket.
-I'm still working on how much moisturizer I need to use. Right after I wash my face it feels tight and dry, but if I wait a little I can feel where I actually need to moisturize. I moisturize my whole face in the morning.
-Unlike the woman on the blog I can't stand not washing my face in the morning, so I use a very gentle green tea cleanser I got in Seoul during my shower.
-My face is softer, but unlike the blogger, it's not brighter. This could be because Proactiv straight up bleaches your skin (the proof is on the washcloth). I really actually like that about Proactiv as I've always gone for the porcelain look, but this is probably better for my skin. I think really I'm just seeing the natural tone of my skin for the first time in a long time.
-I do currently have one hormonal zit on my chin, BUT it hasn't gotten anywhere near the severity of my acne in the past and has started to clear up already.

In conclusion, I'm not completely sold. I LOVE that my chin cleared up and is more or less continuing to stay clear, but the overall look and feel of my face is different and I haven't decided if it's a good different or a bad different. I'll try this for a whole month to see how it works throughout the cycle.

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