Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Cards!

You know what's cool? 4x6 watercolor paper. If you put a stamp on it it's a postcard!

I made Christmas postcards for a few friends this year. Sorry if you didn't get one, but I couldn't very well make 100 personalized Christmas cards, and I don't do store bought (she said with a question in her voice?). Thems the breaks I guess? If you did get one then congrats! You're one of my most very favorite people! I will say I remembered some friends after the fact I wish I'd sent them to, so if it makes you feel better tell yourself you're one of those. Also, I didn't even send them to my siblings, so that should also make you feel better if I left you out. Bottom line is I don't love you any less if I didn't send you one, I just love these people more, and/or they're the people I talk to everyday/week, so step up your game if you want in for next year.

 Whew, that was a lot of qualifying.

Here they are. I composed this entry last Friday bc I couldn't wait, but didn't want to ruin the surprise. By now I've gotten word from the most far flung of my friends so I think it's safe to post now. Some are from clip art books. Others I designed, of which I'm particularly proud of the NYC cards and the Nativity card (which I actually designed last year). Also, I think the cactus is just SO cute!

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  1. I love the Nativity one!

    I found a rubber postcard stamp at Hobby Lobby that I use on cardstock whenever I do postcards.