Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Project: Merlot and Lace in March

I'm crazy. I'm crazy bc I already have two irons in the fire and I'm writing this entry instead of getting presentable for company.

As you may recall I have the OND'13 I'm working on and long ago I draped my Striped Dress which I want to finish by the summer, if not by my NYC trip. Since NYC is in March I wanted to make a dress that can match the mood of March at its best and worst and still move into summer. I've also been looking for an application for a panel of vintage lace that like many other bits and bobs, found its way into my bedroom whilst I was away. Along with the lace I inherited some nice dark floral rayon that I think will make a nice late winter/early spring dress:

So, the panel is going to be the center front with the fabric behind it. I got the idea for the silhouette from the above Vivienne Westwood dress.

Here's the fun thing: Since the center front is going to be high bc that's a beautiful piece of lace and I want to use as much as I can, the Westwood dress is the inspiration for the back. The front will have a Peter Pan collar that will go around the back, which will be open.
I got a dress form for Christmas so I draped the bodice last night. The collar is JUST FOR SHAPE. This WILL NOT be used with my beaded collar. Right now the plan is to have the collar on a band that will button in the back. We're going for a quirky Zooey Deschanel kind of a thing. The form is my measurements but significantly shorter (which all are), and I'm counting on it not having the precision of a Wolf form, but I'm so excited to have a form to work with!

So there it is. I need to correct the pattern for OND'13 and get this pattern together. I also start work for real soon and go to my brother's wedding, so my off time will be very full, but I love it! I love getting new clothes. And by getting I mean spending a lot of time making them.

And lest you doubt, I am making this 100% LDS modest. I'm as pleasantly surprised as you are that the back can be that low.  Mormon fashion revolution!!!

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  1. That's my fabric! I had a jumper (not a sweatshirt) made out of it on my mission. It's comfy fabric!